Rifts & Distrust Threaten To Kill Darlington For Good


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7 Responses

  1. mick says:

    It sounds cliche now but there’s nobody to blame for this but George Reynolds as he was the creator of this whole debacle. I’m amazed at all the people blaming DFCRG, The Trust, DBC etc. etc. They all want DFC to survive; it’s just that the debt is now too big to be repaid and the fans just need to wake up, smell the coffee and gain some realisation of the matter. Those same fans are turning against each other now, depending on what they believe or who they choose to follow at this awful time. The inevitable is about to happen unfortunately unless a very rich investor comes in and sorts out Reynolds’ mess.

  2. Rob Marrs says:

    Such a shame really. I always wanted to go to Feethams when I was a kid. Sadly not possible any more.

    Blame Reynolds.


  3. Shotley Lodger says:

    At last, a balanced article without the rhetoric we have seen from some DFCRG supporters’ which doesn’t help the job DFCRG is undertaking. But for me, the most telling opinion of the author is that the tone and timing of DRGFC’s latest statement is “unnecessarily divisive”.

  4. Ted Blair says:

    George Reynolds is ultimately to blame for all this and it was exactly that sort of fear for the future that led to formation of the Trust back in 2001 after a group of concerned fans, including myself, got together because they felt something just didn’t ring true about our new saviour. But he is gone and should not be the focus at this time.

    The so-called “treasure chest” of £50K plus built up in the time of our first administration has been carefully kept safe despite many calls for various spurious uses in the intervening years. This was done as the trust membership declined – as is the case so often at club when there isn’t an obvious crisis and the perceived role of the trust is not so obvious to the fan on the terrace – and it was hard to get people to come forward and help run the Trust. A sadly familiar tale.

    However to say The DFCRG have weakened the Trust is wide of the mark. DFC RG are made up of Trust founder members and dyed-in-the-wool Darlington fans with no agenda other than to preserve the club and their efforts should be applauded and the Trust should be working with them. A no-brainer you would think.

    The Trust should be applauded for protecting the money but their silence over the past few weeks (and arguably months) has been deafening – not just to Darlington fans, but Darlington Trust members – and this silence has seriously weakened their position as a force to be involved in the future direction of the club, in whatever form that may take.

    I, as a Darlington Supporters Trust life member, along with other concerned members and fans simply want to know the stance of the Trust board.

    Is it willing to enter meaningful dialogue with the DFC RG with a serious view to trying to save our club as it stands?

    Or is it only happy to put their efforts – and the £50k – towards a phoenix club?

    Is that too much to ask?

  5. John Bell says:

    Ted Blair has got it spot on. I am also a life trust member and since it’s formation have donated a significant amount of money to the trust and frankly I would like to have a vote in how that money is used, but have not been afforded that opportunity since the start of the latest crisis. Indeed, I cannot honestly remember when I last had a communication from the trust and I certainly have not heard anything recently. Scandalous! The DFCRG are doing a wonderful job and have stepped into the role that should be performed by the Trust. The DFCRG are truly the fans representatives at this moment.

  6. Nathan says:

    Until this nonsense is fixed at the highest levels of football these sorry tales will continue.

    None of the above stopped Darlington taking 4 points off my club last season however…

  1. January 17, 2012

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