Blackburn Rovers: When Owners Turn Chicken

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10 Responses

  1. kevin ennis says:

    An excellent and totally accurate piece

  2. Sean says:

    Absolutely bfilliant piece. Please forward to all sections of the ” footballing community” so they have more of an idea of the real situation at Ewood before making a fool of themselves with their blatently un-researched garbage. Such a relief to read this after the b*llsh*t I have been subjucted to.

  3. SW says:

    I’m not one myself, but I have a lot of sympathy for Blackburn fans, for the entirely predictable situation their club finds itself in after the involvement of Anderson and Kean, a man mystifyingly promoted beyond his previously acknowledged abilities.

    Though it seems to have become an item of fact in the media that the treatment of Kean by the BRFC fans has been disgraceful and that they have embarrassed themselves, the media don’t seem able to provide any examples other than the fact that there has been a lot of booing at games. What do they expect? It’s not surprising that Coyle and Moyes are so supportive of Kean – one less relegation spot to worry about.

    The main problem is Venky’s and the extremely dubious involvement of Anderson.

  4. Al says:

    Can you please do the supporters of Blackburn Rovers a big favour and forward this article for publishing in all the national newspapers. It could well be very helpful to our cause.

  5. Gerry says:

    Well said and spot on. Glad to see that someone has also cottoned on to the Anderson “interview” on Sky which failed to ask him any real questions and allowed him to insinuate unchallenged that dark forces are at work and there must is a plot against Steve Kean. when you have won 8 out of 42 premiership games, lost all threee of the (in Steve Kean’s own words )”must win” home games over Xmas what planet is Anderson and Sky on. Is it any wonder Rovers fans protest in despait when Venky’s have not delivered on their promises, lied to Rovers fans about investing in players, made crap decisions to get rid of Bid sam without having a replacement lined up and then appointing Kean in responses to the outcry…..and to then run the club badly from affair with no effective management structure in place, losing able directors that are not replaced and fail to show their faces at Ewood since early October and have not publicly supported the manager or the club for months.

  6. As an addendum to your blog I see that Anderson gave his opinion on Sky then promptly set his solicitors on anyone that dared to comment in reply.That in itself describes the man and his morals to a “T”

  7. JD says:

    An extremely interesting and informative article – glad to see someone has focussed on the root of the problem – Venkys. However, I’ m still waiting for someone to look rationally for other reasons for our demise apart from SK’s link with Anderson/Venkys ( reminds me of Andrews and Ince – another example of an individual who was never given a chance from the the day he arrived at Ewood) and his lack of experience as a manager rather than as a respected coach. How about – a disproportionate number of poor referring decisions which have cost us vital points; an horrendous catalogue of injured players throughout the season starting with the crucial game against Wolves ( how are City going to cope without the Toure brothers!! ) and a total lack of support ( once again from day one ) from virtually everyone connected with the club —- except the players!! What a remarkable achievement! I consider it incredible that with few exceptions, we have witnessed a team that has stayed together in these difficult times. They obviously respect the man or they wouldn’t play for him ( not like the final days of P. Ince ). How many Rovers ‘fans’ would have been prepared to undertake their daily work if they were verbally and often obscenely abused on a daily basis? For all his faults the man has never been given the slightest chance to succeed.
    PS Supported the Rovers for over 60 years and thought I’d seen it all!

  8. alyxandr says:

    Great article, except for the “exponentially less significant over time” bit — unless there’s hyperinflation in England that hasn’t made the news across the pond yet.

  1. January 23, 2012

    […] A great article on the Benefactor Model of Ownership can be found here: […]

  2. January 26, 2012

    […] Another reason for the pricing and the payment schemes is as follows: The Fund has to show that it will have a working cash-flow that is capable of maintaining the finances of the Club on a day to day basis, and not only cover the debt of the Club, but reduce and eliminate it completely.  These are requirements and assurances that not only Barclays would have, but also the Premier League, if the Fund was to have a chance at passing its “Fit and Proper” tests. Of course the most optimal thing would be to get the entire £161 million up front, but that is just never going to happen unless we throw out this idea entirely and plead to the next Mid-East Sheikh we see to buy the club instead…which in the long term would be a complete disaster. […]

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