Darlington FC Hangs By A Thread


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4 Responses

  1. Jertzee says:

    Another wreck.

    Three times in 10 years looks, from the outside, as though Darlington owners are taking the piss.

    I feel for the fans but for no lessons to be learnt shows that sooner the football creditors rule is abolished the less likely it will be that teams get into this position.

    Let’s hope for a good outcome and it isn’t the end of the world if you drop down 2 divisions.

    My team dropped down 7 …………

  2. Albert Ross says:

    The problem Darlo face should they restart IMO is still the problem of the ground. A new club at George Reynolds’ grand folly will face the same problems – it’s simply too big and too expensive for a football league club never mind lower down, especially given it being owned by people with no link to the club who have no reason to offer favourable terms. But where else can they play? It says a lot that the preferred choice for many Darlo fans is Feethams, where they would effectively be having to rebuild the ground from scratch even should the Cricket Club entertain the idea. I don’t think there are many grounds close to Darlington that have sufficient ground grading to even allow entry into the Northern Premier. That is a big difference to many – Chester were able to restart at the Deva, AFCW were able to get in at Kingsmeadow, FCUM have a big enough appeal that Bury was acceptable, Aldershot still had the Recreation Ground. What’s the next nearest analogue – Scarborough? It says a lot for their plight that even a good number of Hartlepool fans (including me, though it’s far from all) feel sorry for them, even if only because their passing will leave us with no natural local rivals…

  3. Blucher blue says:

    Someone has suggested sharing with Bishop Auckland. They have a ground fit for Step4; but wouldn’t darlo have to restart much lower?

  4. harry smith says:

    Whilst the issue of the George Reynolds Arena clearly affects the finances the fans of many Conference clubs have known for years that Darlington had a budget bigger than most without any financial sense at all. Their recent Trophy win was achieved on the back of this overpayment on players, and I did not hear the fans complaining then. When will the Conference insist that clubs keep players wages within sensible limits, as defined by their income from gate receipts and sponsorship, but not from additional loans or “gifts” from their Chairman or whoever. Until this happens clubs will continue to go bust whilst pursuing the goal of “league football”.

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