A Good Time To Bury Bad News For Port Vale

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6 Responses

  1. jim says:

    Regardless of ramifications legal, financial or otherwise Port Vale are infinitely better off having nothing to do with anyone who was involved with John Gurney’s brief tenure at Luton Town. It’s worth pointing out that at the time of his signing the letters mentioned above, Peter Miller was actually employed by Northampton Town and was therefore in breach of the League’s own rules. They never bothered to investigate this and had they done so then just maybe he would have not been allowed to do more harm at another club.

    I feel for Port Vale. Their fans were clearly aware things were rotten at the top when Luton visited them back in 2009 and it is sad that this story has not yet had a happy ending.

  2. Shaun Crank says:

    Chin up Vale fans, and thanks for your comments Jim- I assume your a Luton fan. Looking at Luton this is what we need to try to avoid at all costs, falling out of the league, for with our financial problems we could end up falling down to even lowe tiers like Boston. This would certainly end the 136 year history of our great club. I feel that the only realistic happy ending to all this is (as stated in the article) for Mo Chaudry to come in and take sole control of the club. No point messing around with fan based consortiums and constitutions any longer. We need a strong leader like Mo, with money, a business plan and the right people around him to take this club by the scruff of its neck, pull its socks up and get it moving back to where we belong again… The Championship.

  3. Colin Fowles says:

    We want to know EXACTLY where the £277,000 is. Miller is a criminal, living illegally in the USA for the past 2 years. Criminal charges will be brought up against him. He has committed outright FRAUD. He must return ALL funds, salary, perks, money that was paid out by the Club for his Christmas VACATION to the USA, funds spent for his Mercedes, Apartment and “expenses account”. There are extradition laws between the UK and USA. We know where Miller is. The authorities will pick him up and bring him back to Vale for prosecution.

  4. Portvalenil says:

    The irony of supporting one of Thatcher’s children as a benevolent dictator by the one-man, one-vote St. Pauli tendency at Vale Park is an irony not lost on the independent thinkers of Burslem. As I write, the board are pulling yet another rabbit out of the hat to survive a few months more. And a thread on the supporters forum suggesting that they buy shares themselves to gain influence has been met with a collective shuffling of feet and clearing of throats. Nothing new there then.

    You are a brave man indeed for putting out an even handed article. Expect a visit from OVF and their derivatives – who view anything less than 98% support as loss of face.

  5. NoBrakesYTFC says:

    Yeovil need to steer well clear of BullSh*t International. I dont think they have ever had any money, let alone wanted to invest it in Port Vale. All seems to be very dodgy shady dealings to me, and the same is rife at YTFC at the moment too with the very same company. Worrying times indeed.

  6. Shaun Crank says:

    Now to add insult to injury in these dark times for our club we hear that one of our recent (non 90s) legends: Akpo Sodje is about to join bleedin CrWho (Crewe Alexandra)

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