The Suarez Report: The FA’s Commission Finally Has Its Say


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7 Responses

  1. ken says:

    they are right its not just one mans word against another its also a guessing game by another 3 men and thats it,i hope not just liverpool put a appeal in i hot suarez sues them aswell the fa and evra

  2. BootleBob says:

    So it all came down to who the three-man panel believed.

    They decided Evra was the more credible witness, chiefly because his version of events tallied closer to the television footage of the incident than Suarez’s

    It is worth noting, however, that while the Frenchman was allowed to give his evidence while watching the video of the confrontation, Suarez was not.

    The FA report also claimed that the Manchester United player’s testimony was preferred because he remained calm throughout – importantly, though, he was not the one on trial.

    As a result of the report’s publication, most media outlets are now presenting Evra’s claim to have been racially abused “seven times in two minutes” as fact when that is far from the case.

    Unlike in a court of law, the panel did not need to be satisfied that Suarez was guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, working instead to a balance of probability rule. And the word “probably” can be found in plentiful supply in the report.

    Essentially the Liverpool striker has been convicted on the hunch of three men.

    Is that acceptable when a man’s reputation is on the line?

    If Suarez used the word negro with the frequency and in the manner in which Evra alleges, he deserves every game of his eight-match suspension.

    But that hasn’t been proven, with only the two players aware of the truth. And try as the FA might to suggest otherwise, the report hasn’t changed that.

  3. boon says:

    Not sure where Suarez can go from here. The commission’s report seems to be cast iron and the only way is to have stainless steel appeal which I doubt we have. I wouldl ike Suraez to move on and apologise and get back intot he game soon. I hope the FA is leninet as the message is sent out already that racial abuse is not condoned. I believe Suarez’s otuburst wsa done in the heat of the moment and all can see that Evra is an asshole which he will stick his fingers in whenever he wants to. He is that asshole a defender. Nonetheless YNWA Suarez and we all love him !

  4. Stevie G says:

    What this report boils down to is Luis Suarez’s name smeared on a hunch. The report is biased!! There have been many many wrongs done since this incident happened like Evra speaking to Canal+ giving his version of events, therefore prejudicing the case. Also the “linguistic experts” being experts in Colmbian Spanish from Manchester University. Evra allowed to see video of the incident in the game while giving evidence and Suarez not!! Kuyt’s evidence dismissed etc etc. This whole matter stinks and Liverpool should fight this ban tooth and nail.

  5. jertzee says:

    Never trust a 3 man commission – idiots at best. Cunts at worst.

  6. SW says:

    In other words “I support Liverpool, therefore he’s innocent. YNWA.”

  1. January 3, 2012

    […] The Suarez Report: The FA’s Commission Finally Has Its Say “At one hundred and fifteen pages and a little over forty-four thousand words – getting on, for the purposes of comparison, for two and a half times the size of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto – at least no-one can argue that the Football Associations independent commission into the allegations of racist language levied against Luis Suarez wasn’t thorough. It is now twenty-four hours since the full report was released by the FA, and the new year means that rigorous analysis it in the mainstream press may be delayed by a couple of days.” twohundredpercent […]

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