Liverpool Stick Their Finger In The Dyke


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9 Responses

  1. joe holo says:

    You chase the wrong parked car.

    Today, players cost what whole Clubs cost two years ago.

    It takes real money to spend a million here and a million there.

    Your stupid tax laws confiscate wealth. No wealth, no players.

    A new 60,000 seat stadium will cost 3 times what LFC is currently worth (debt & equity). A 60,000 seat stadium is too small to compete with Madrid, or Barcelona, never mind the fellows up the road.

    All Hicks & what’s-his-name did was pay too much. And I don’t hear them crying.

    The “funding problem” at LFC starts with a flat broke demographic, a boutique stadium, and mob of back-stabbing yobs crying hard-done-by. They should thank their lucky stars at the job that the ownership, management, and players have done. It’s a miracle.

  2. tony says:

    I think you are talking about a team that last season smashed a pathetic Madrid, Man Utd and Chelsea home and away, Madrid are a circus who are ridiculed the world over. Liverpool have the least debt of any top four club in England, It stands at £230m, While utd is £650m, Chelsea is £700m, Arsenal is £600m. Madrid owe millions to the banks and will need The King of Spain to help them again in a few years, They are a totally corrupt club, Barca are a proper supporters club the best in Spain.

  3. Gervillian Swike says:

    I think the bare figures are misleading. Chelsea’s debt is in name only, Abramovich isn’t going to call time on that in the same way a financial institution will. United are far better placed to service their debt because their position in terms of being able to exploit their brand is so far ahead of anyone else. Liverpool’s debt doesn’t include the enormous costs they will incur building the new stadium. And Real Madrid – well, however their buying policies are viewed, they will continue to thrive.

  4. tony says:

    The cash generated from the new stadium will be huge which is why Gillett and Hicks will not sell the club, Gillett can wipe out the debt today as he has the cash to do it. Who says Abramovich isn’t going to walk away?, He tried to buy Spurs before Chelski as he has no allegiance to them. King Juan Carlos has already rescued Madrid as you will know, It was highly dubious how he got involved. The RBS and Liverpool are working towards building the new stadium as soon as the financial markets settle down, Then we will see who generates what!

  5. ejh says:

    King Juan Carlos has already rescued Madrid as you will know

    No, tell us more

  6. Martin says:

    “We’re ok because we’ve got less debt than you”

    How utterly ridiculous. Most sane football fans continue to pray for one of these brands to miss out on a top four finish. Then they will make Leeds (and now Newcastle) look like a cake-walk.

  7. Martin says:

    Chelsea’s debt has now halved since the money-laundering oil gangster converted half of it into shares.

  8. Martin says:

    Just looking at total debt is misleading too. What about the interest rates and repayment terms? They change the picture completely.

    Of the current boring top four, United already have a 75,000 seater stadium, Arsenal have borrowed heavily to just build one and Chelsea don’t need one whilst they still have Abramovich. Therefore, Liverpool’s debt is the most pointless.

  1. July 30, 2009

    […] Liverpool Stick Their Finger In The Dyke “It was surely no coincidence that Share Liverpool FC chose their relaunch on the day that the club itself confirmed the details of a refinancing deal that was the financial equivalent of using a used sausage roll packet as a form of birth control. The vultures have been circling at Anfield for some time now, but while Gillett and Hicks have managed to defer the very worst that could happen for them, but serious questions remain over their medium to long term future.” (Twohundredpercent) […]

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