Port Vale: Blue Skies Or Grey Clouds Ahead?

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7 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Good article. However, things have moved on significantly now with Deakin resigning. Miller has gone AWOL. Lloyd and Oliver are staying quiet.

    A £300K loan has been taken against Vale Park, to cover running costs due to having only one home game scheduled for December, although we fans believe this was to initially “prove” that Deakin and Miller had paid for their shares.

    Joan Walley, the MP for Stoke North, declined the invitation to be an independent arbitrator to prove that Miller and Deakin had paid for their shares.

    Today in the Sentinel, it appears Deakin has turned whistleblower and claimed his election to the board was a pre-requisite for the BSI deal. We are trying to find out who it is that made these pre-requisites i.e. Deakin in, Bratt out. We do not believe it was Blue Sky, but suspect either Miller or Lloyd.

    Never a dull moment at Vale Park!

  2. Ian says:

    Cheers, Steve. Our Port Vale man is on his holidays at the moment, but I dare say that we will be returning to this in the New Year.

  3. Steve says:


  4. Steve says:

    STOP PRESS. Miller’s chairmanship has been terminated today!

    Quite unbelievable goings-on now.

    PS: Sorry about the empty comment. You can delete it. I pressed enter by accident moving between the fields.

  5. Mark Murphy says:


    Our Port Vale man has been looking on aghast at the last week’s events and will be putting finger to keyboard as soon as the shaking stops. My only coment from what is still a distance, is that Blue Sky’s Hank Julciher seems as untrustworthy as anyone and if he is the source of the material the Sentinle has recently been obtaining, it needs full examination. Until (early) in the New Year..

  6. Mark Murphy says:

    Miller was on a three-month probation??? Missed that one!! Civil war afoot. I think Micky Adams is better off being in the “dark” that he’s complaining about… Right, I’m logging off before anything else happens (DEakin revealing that he is a woman trapped ina man’s body is my guess…

  7. Steve says:

    The probation period was mentioned for the first time today. What we heard was that Miller’s contract with the club was £100K per annum, 8 business class flights per year, a company car (Merc) and free accommodation while in the UK. I’ve never heard of a probationary contract with these kinds of details!

    Worryingly, there is a rumour going round that Bill Bratt is preparing a ‘rescue package’. He would be as welcome as a hole in the head.

    Vale needs a clean sweep of the boardroom, but I suspect Lloyd and Oliver are now plotting to get two more directors in to replace Miller and Deakin by February and once again shaft the shareholders and supporters.

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