Port Vale – (Yet More) Secrets & Lies

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  1. David Thorley says:

    Excellent article which reflects the current situation at Vale Park clearly and accurately.

  2. Rob Fielding says:

    Mark, and all of us at onevalefan.co.uk would like to thank you for bringing the plight of our club to a wider audience. 200 percent is an excellent website. Long may it continue.


  3. Phil Normacot says:

    Like most Port Vale fans, I wanted a change at board level. With 28% of the equity and Robbie Williams lumping his 22% into the pot we should have voted the entire board off at the EGM. What happened to split the anti-board vote, enough for Bratt, Lloyd and Oliver to survive by a couple of hundred votes? Research that instead of cutting and pasting off OVF and you might stumble upon the answer.

    The Pro-Change movement should have preceded the EGM, the Pro-Mo campaign should have been after. The protest groups got it the wrong way round but had such a blood lust they wouldn’t listen. Now we are stuck with the worst of all worlds with unaccountable outsiders in charge (Yanks and people from Northampton for Christs sake!) and the small shareholders now have half the voting power they had this time last year. They had the balance of power but now, to all intents and purposes, their shares are now worthless. What a mess. If you are going to break something, at least have an idea of how to put it back together.

    Contrast Port Vale with Swansea, who were playing us in the same league as us only a couple of seasons ago. Their initial fans trust who were the the saviours of the club now have only about 15% of the equity but have board representation and the fans on the terraces still talk of Swansea as a “fan run club” even though they are not. The old board at Port Vale should have copied them and it could still be an exit strategy instead of letting the protest movement (who have morphed into the Supporters Club as their latest reincarnation) move into the vacuum. Like many,I fear that moment of opportunity has passed forever.

    Swansea have Premier League status because they gave everyone a bit of the action based on their financial input and concentrated on the football. Money follows success, meaning you don’t have to spend your time howling at the moon for a sugar daddy. They are happy as sand boys. They got it right.

  4. bill harper says:

    i fear for port vale, the club cannot sustain a drain on it’s financies, the salaries of deakin and miller will send the club into administation as they are using the club as a cash cow then they will try to buy the club out of administration for as little as possible probably a penny in the pound. the club meanwhile will continue to struggle whilst those two gentlemen fill their boots with lovely money for as long as possible, a well established pattern is forming, think bournmouth, southampton and portsmouth.i do sincerely hope i’m wrong but every sign points that way.

  5. Steve Williams says:

    As a long life Saints fan I’m used to spats with the board and the Chairman but reading this article makes me thing we got off lightly. You guys are in tough times and it sounds like the guys up the top have no understanding for the passion of supporting your club. Sadly if you look around the leagues there are blatant examples that must encourage your board that everyone’s at it. Football has long lost sight of supporters we are all now expected to pay and live with watching people rewarded for failure. This is across the board from players to chairman.
    David Thorley invited me to a game a few years ago, I have to say I found the supports a very passionate and friendly, it reminded me of my Dell days. Sadly that is what we all have to rely on these days, remembering the better times. Good luck to you all.

  1. December 5, 2011

    […] IT’S LIKE DOMINOES. EVIL ONES THAT BREAK HEARTS AND TRAMPLE HISTORY. The current financial plight of Port Vale Football Club. It’s not good. // twohundredpercent […]

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