Watford FC: Laurence Bassini Is Unwell

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7 Responses

  1. PJB says:

    I think you’re rather missing the point. Watford fans aren’t ignoring the mans questionable track record in their desperation for a cash injection, but rather Bassini was the ONLY potential buyer of the club when Lord Ashcroft made it clear that he wanted to get out and put a timeframe on the board finding a new owner. So without Bassini and noone else in the wings, where would we be? Therefore it seems to make sense to give the man the benefit of the doubt and see what happens. After all, apart from not being available for a fans forum, what has he actually done wrong? Danny Graham was always going to leave when a Premier League club came in for him and the club were able to negotiate a reasonable price from a weak position. Buckley left as a result of the previous manager deciding to cash in on him I believe as he saw him as a fringe player and wanted to reinvest the cash. It could also be argued that Winter cost the club a large sum in screwing up Don Cowie’s contract terms which saw him leave on a free transfer though I can’t be sure who final responsibility rests with.

    So what are you suggesting? You don’t like the mans track record so he should be hounded out of the club despite doing nothing wrong so far and stepping in when a buyer desperately needed to be found? Give the guy a chance at least!

  2. Brian Corlett says:

    That really is a lot of words “Mark”, wasted words because as the owner Bassini has every right to keep his cards close to his chest.

    Unless you have any viable alternatives then I suggest the furore you are trying to create is little more than wind and you could do far worse than letting things take their own course.

    Nobody is happy at the silence from above but then we never are … but at least we are not being lied to, not that I can see anyway.

    Let Bassini himself decide how, when and IF he will address us and IF he is well enough to do so.

  3. NLFG says:

    I certainly agree with PJB with regards to the amount of “choice” we had with our new owner. With no one else in the wings, it is certainly the case that this was the best (and only) offer on the table.

    Furthermore, to suggest that the sales of Graham and Buckley were a surprise in misleading-Danny was always likely to leave, and realistically, a million pound offer for a fringe player is always likely to be accepted.

    That said, whilst I don’t expect Mr Bassini to publish his bank account to prove his wealth, his total lack of communication is disturbing, particularly his refusal to let people know what his end game is for the club.

    The one thing to be set off against this though, is that as you do point out, there’s a surplus on the transfers. Personally, this is a good thing. As a club, we are never likely to make any money from crowds and tat being sold, so to cover the bills we need to spend less than we sell. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  4. jim says:

    Perhaps some of the commentators on this site should try to remember what bad owners did to their one time rivals, the vastly more successful Luton Town.

    If you take too long to wake up to what is going on then you could end up following us down the plughole. Much as I loathe Watford Football Club, I only wish oblivion on a franchise.

  5. djw says:

    Mark is clearly a Luton Town fan. There are hardly any true WFC fans who have nothing but profound reservations about Bassini,which he has reinfromed by his current actions/non actions

  6. There's None So Blind says:

    Although not a Watford fan I am astonished at the complacency shown in the comments above. The League is littered with clubs who have been taken over by so called rich owners where the fans have then seen the clubs demise into administration whilst the owners clearoff with evry last penny they legally can (and a lot of cash they are not legally entitled to).

    There’s only one place that Basinnis ownership will take the Hornets and that is administration and a 10-20pt deduction to start the 2012-2013 season with in League 1. Sad but true.

    So wake up you Hornets and do something about it if you really care about your club surviving.

  1. September 10, 2012

    […] from another individual who has drawn attention on these pages before, former Watford owner Lawrence Bassini – may come to be considered, and Al-Fahim retains a certain amount of goodwill from some […]

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