The 2009/10 Heart Of Clackmannanshire Team Photo

The 2009/10 Heart Of Clackmannanshire Team Photo

By on Jul 16, 2009 in Art, Latest, Mungo | 2 comments

The new season is almost upon us so, fresh from the training ground, here is the very latest Heart of Clackmannannshire team photograph ahead of the new season. The more observant amongst you may have noticed a couple of new signings for The Clackas. Jim Reaper joins the club from Steaua Transylvania, whilst veteran Bert Harris has travelled north to finish his career in Scotland after forty-one glorious seasons with Royal Perivale, Perfidious Albion and a disastrous spell in Austria playing for Flaccid Vienna, which ended after an interview deemed so hate-filled that he was barred for life from entering anywhere in Europe outside of the United Kingdom. This has been lovingly drawn by Ted Carter, and a wallpaper-sized version may be found here.

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  1. Jim Reaper appears (or is mentioned) in Episodes 5 and 17. Was he on loan then?

    Does this mean Mungo is now the official manager? Hope so.

    John Godot

    July 19, 2009

  2. Too hate-filled even for Austria?


    July 20, 2009

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