BBC Scotland, Rangers And Craig Whyte

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6 Responses

  1. Mark Murphy says:

    BTW: Apologies, I know this article is old hat – more so than my usual rubbish. But I originally posted this on October 23rd before going away on a break and I came back this week to discover that my poxy Betamax PC hadn’t sent the article properly. So I’m grateful to the site editor for indulging my technical incompetence.
    Just thought that, given the rough press the documentary has had – even from those who hadn’t seen it (Craig Whyte, I’m looking at you here) – it wouldn’t be too much harm to get a more ‘nuanced’ view out into the blogosphere.

  2. James says:

    What I want to know is “when is RFC going to die?” because I’m gettin anxious here. lol HH 1 NL YNWA

  3. davy says:

    Aye James…I can see why you’d want Rangers to die.
    You haven’t thought it through properly though.
    Whilst Celtic would surely win a lge title..what else would you and Celtic fans like you have to obsess over?
    Rangers seem to be more of a part of your life than you’d care to admit.
    You probably wake up thinking about Rangers..pretty sad really.
    I tend to be only interested in the team I support…couldn’t give a jot about Celtic.
    I feel much better for it.
    Just keep being’s a way of life for some Celtic fans.
    Wouldn’t it be something if Rangers had to go into administration and be deducted points yet STILL win the lge?
    It would be the S.F.A…masonic referees…the establishment to blame..never the Celtic team or manager.
    But then are all Neil Lennon..which means you’ll all be looking for work after Xmas.

  4. hattersfan says:

    “”You probably wake up thinking about Rangers..pretty sad really. ” said Davy; even sadder thing is that HE wakes up (and probably goes to bed) thinking of Rangers.

    As a supporter of a club that’s had more administrations than modern day Italy, I would caution Davy to look at his club rather than making cheap points about James. Seem to me that blues fans have no idea of the ordure storm that will happen if they lose the tax case.

  5. davy says:

    Hattersfan..I’m afraid you don’t know the full facts of life in Scotland.
    Whilst Celtic have been struggling on the park..a good proportion of fans like James are more interested in Rangers being folded up rather than the problems at their own club.

  6. Brendan says:

    Just a wee word for Davy, as a passionate and devout Celtic Fan I never have and never will give a jot about Glsgow Rangers Football Club, as I am sitting writing this as of 9th January 2012, I don’t think any of us and very much most importantly Niel Lennon will feel the need or urgency to find alternative employment anytime soon….Hail Hail

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