Southampton Back On The Brink


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11 Responses

  1. Captain Kirk says:

    Judging by the comments on the Southampton Echo website tonight I don’t think many fans would care too much what the club was called as long as it is saved. Red Bull Saints sounds OK to me. The Dark Lord – aka Rupert Lowe announced that the stadium when it was first built would be called Friends Provident St Mary’s. Red Bull St Mary’s is no different (perhaps better!)

  2. ShirleySaint says:

    I don’t think the argument was just about the ten points. I think it was the threat of losing further points. Pinnacle perhaps saying why should they be further penalised for the actions of the previous owners. We might have survived with a 10 point deduction, but any further penalties would almost certainly mean relegation to the fourth tier and who would want to invest £20M-£30M, with a risk of that happening.

  3. Saintsfan says:

    There was enough uproar when the stadium name was first unveiled as simply the ‘Friends Provident Stadium’ for the sponsors to shy away from the negative publicity and for the club to then add St Marys on the end. Partly This was due to the hype in the local press surrounding the build-up to unveiling the name, with readers contributing name ideas as soon as the foundations were laid, so when the corporate name was announced it was a bit of an anti-climax.

    I can’t help but regard the disappearance of traditional stadium names and their replacement by corportate sponsors names with a hint of sadness. Old names are usually far more interesting, often coming with a bit of a backstory, more than that they just feel a bit more community oriented and less, well less like a little bit of football’s soul has been sold for some hard cash.

    If losing traditional ground names is sad, then losing team names is tragic. A team name should in my opinion be sacrosanct. Football is about identifying with your club, your community, the people stood or sat next to you at the ground, the people looking out for the score on a tv screen the other side of the world. It means something, something way more than even the biggest brand names Nike, Coca-Cola, Sony or Red Bull, can ever mean to even the most brand conscious consumer.

    Sure, many fans will be happy to accept a name change or re-branding in return for the clubs survival, but at what price. Take a look at the success of AFC Wimbledon to see how important the clubs soul is, who regards AFC Wimbledon as the successor to the club which lifted the FA Cup in 1988, rather than MK Dons? It’s AFC Wimbledon every time. MK Dons are to most just a cruel parody of the club they once were. The club might have been moved down the road but it’s soul remained in Wimbledon.

    Hopefully the league rules will at least protect one of the last peices of the game which hasn’t been sold to the highest bidder. After all who gets excited about cycling teams in the Tour de France, all named after their corporate sponsors.

  4. dotmund says:

    I think naming teams after soft drinks is the future. I am especially excited about Sheffield Wednesday Relentless.

  5. Jamie McConachie says:

    I’ve got no problem whatsoever with them changing the name. Southampton Redbulls sounds fine to me. Bring it on.

    As long as the club remains in Southampton it will always be Southampton !

  6. CTT says:

    Newcastlemaine XXXX

  7. CTT says:

    And yes, it is a soft drink.

  8. Martin says:

    If a new consortium shouldn’t be further penalised for the actions of the previous owners then why should they inherit a level 3 League place earned and sustained by the previous owners? I’ve yet to see any media report giving a breakdown of their debts (to HMRC, Norwich Union, football creditors etc.) so until then it’s hard to see whether they will suffer an additional 15 point penalty for failing to come out of administration via a CVA.

  9. Martin says:

    The Red Bull link would be interesting. I would have had good money on franchise being the first English club to adopt a sponsor’s name in such a manner.

  10. FP says:

    Bohemian FC (Dublin) playing Red Bull Salzburg in the CL. One a member-owned club, the other purely a corporate vehicle. They even changed the club colours — would Southampton fans live with that?

    They’ll most likely wipe us out, but I know which side I’d rather be on…

  11. football says:

    Name teams after soft drinks is the future. I am excited about Sheffield Wednesday Relentless.

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