John Terry & Presumptions Of Innocence And Guilt


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6 Responses

  1. paul says:

    There is a difference between the Terry case and the Suarez case in that Ferdinand has of yet made no complaint and that the complaint appears to have come from a member of the TV watching public. Personally it looked to me like he used the word “blind” not “black” but just as offensive is the word that followed and the language generally coming out of his mouth. He may be an ill educated oik but there are a bunch of people (Chelsea fans) who think he’s a god and he represents England on a global stage. Therefore there is a level of behaviour rightly expected of him which he fails on miserably. His physical and verbal aggression is uncalled for and people should stop defending him.

  2. Jim Jameson says:

    I seem to remember a few years ago when JT got sent off at Spurs that he was accused of making racist remarks towards Ledley King. Not sure that was ever proven, but if you watch the video, you can clearly see all the black Spurs players going livid after he said something…

  3. LEE CARROLL says:

    In the aftermath of sundays match between qpr and chelsea I could have predicted all of the ensuing accusations and side issues that would manifest themself in the media to deflect from what is really the most imprtant issue,that being was the match won under fair ,impartial and balanced decisions by the officials.All these so called pundits on t.v and the radio went through the normal motions ” I think he got most of the decisions correct ” act ,But Hoys performance ranks along side that of the officials in charge of the Chelskie barca champions league semi final .I know you cant blame the outcome of the game on one bad decision ,but a series of poor decisions in the favour on one team does .
    On the race issue.of course it has no place in or out of the game and I hope Terry and the qpr fan who abusd the chelskie player with verbal and hand gesture should if found to be guilty punished to the full letter of the law.

  4. Mario Dunn says:

    What depresses me about the John Terry haters such a paul above – and I admit there are many more – is their dislike of him as a person translates to the belief that he should never be allowed to kick a football for club or country ever again.

    Yet the one person these same people cheer – Wayne Rooney – is the person who should never wear an England shirt ever again. Why? It’s not about sleeping with prostitutes (Rooney) or other player’s girlfriends (JT). It’s about football – how you perform on the pitch. Terry has never let England down – and apart from the odd mistake that is inevitable in footy he has never let Chelsea down. I struggle to recall the last time he was sent off for club or certainly for England.

    Yet Rooney the “hero” and “saviour” has let England down so badly he should be chased from these fair shores. He has betrayed his country and put his manager in an impossible position.

    Neither men are role models off the pitch. But Terry is a role model on the pitch and Rooney is not. It is Rooney we should be saving our disgust for, not England’s Captain.

  5. gaz says:

    he called Leddley ‘rubber lips’. As for this latest ‘episode’ our professional lip reader has him bang to rights.
    good on yer Anton for going through with it.

  6. jack says:

    @ Gaz & Jim:
    Spurious information from the pair of you, utter conjecture in demeaning a man due to personal feelings towards the bloke.

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