The Most Important Manchester Derby Since The Last One


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2 Responses

  1. bleep says:

    I didn’t have high hopes for the Stone Roses reunion. My first thought was how I would love to hear Elephant Stone, Mersey Paradise and Coming Down played live. And then I realised that in all likelihood these upcoming concerts would probably be characterised by John Squire noodling away on endless guitar solos as they grind through The Second Coming.

    Then friend of mine who has music contacts in Manchester told me that in fact the rehearsals (which have been going on for a while) are actually proving that the Stone Roses in the 21 century are in fact very good. And that there will definitely be new material at the concerts.

    But Chris’ post was actually about the Manchester derby rather than the Stone Roses so I will address that, and how it indeed ties your emotions up in knots because, like you say, it does matter. Deep down inside it really matters.

    So – writing this with the benefit of having guffawed my way through the derby today (the second half at least) when in contrast you had the courage to write your post before kick-off, I have to say that there is something even more appropriate about the Stone Roses’ resurrection and return to form coinciding with the Manchester derby.

    What we had today was something that not only recreated the heady, balmy times of 1989 (1-5 at Old Trafford) but it gave us something even better …1-6 at Old Trafford!

    This is very much a cheap shot for me to make, but I will probably never get another opportunity like this. And I had to because, as you say, it matters. It really does.

  2. bleep says:

    oh why don’t I have a breathalyzer on my laptop and a proof reader

    the 5th paragraph should of course say (5-1 Maine Road). I wrote and re-wrote it so many times that I left the wrong parenthesis in. Boy do I have egg on my face. :(

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