The Football League Turkeys Vote Christmas For The Premier League


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15 Responses

  1. Elliott says:

    I can empathize with players that feel restrained by the old geography rule – but definitely agree that the fixed compensation is an utter joke and may turn youth academies into bargain bins (assuming they don’t all close)

  2. Cruyff_des says:

    I can’t articulate how upset I am by today’s news.

    I’ve had a season ticket at my club (Preston) since I was old enough to walk and talk and taken to Deepdale by my Dad, who I still go with to this day.

    However for me this is the straw that has broke the camels back. I’ve had enough of the monster that is the Premier League, the spineless FA and the bending over of the Football League.

    This years season ticket will be my last as I am totally heartbroken by what football in this country has become.

  3. Damon says:

    What Des said, I am now an ex-consumer. The brand is no longer palatable.

  4. Harry says:

    Let me get this right, Des. You’re so disillusioned by the prospect of your (non-PL) club losing out that you won’t renew your season ticket to your non-PL club.

    Either I’m not getting this or you aren’t

  5. An outrage – although I need to leap to the defence of fellow Football League blogger David Bevan of The 72 – it’s Richard Bevan who represents the League Managers Association

  6. Cruyff_des says:

    Harry – When I first started going on football the things I loved about it were standing on a terrace with friends and family, cheap enough that I wasn’t paying my season ticket off by standing order every month, and the thought that anything was possible, even for a side like mine. None of the above applies anymore. The prices are ridiculous, the last time I stood at Deepdale I was thrown out and the only way a team can emerge to challenge the elite is if a foreign billionaire turns up on your doorstep. And that’s only if he arrives before they close off promotion to the Premiership.

    I actually welcomed our relegation last season as I was tired of watching a bunch of 10k a week fanny’s strolling about the pitch, they were mostly sold off and replaced by lads from the youth set up. One of the few pleasures I’ve enjoyed in I don’t know how many years was watching local Preston lads put on the shirt and fight for our team. Will they take us up? Probably not, but it’s not about that for me. And then yesterday I read the Premier League has blackmailed the FL who have simply bent over to keep the money coming, so these big clubs can simply hoover up any crumb of talent they like? So what’s the point exactly? What is there left for me to enjoy?

    I spoke to a teacher at my old primary school last week (in Preston) who said Man City had been on the phone asking the headmaster if some of the coaches could come down from their academy to run a few coaching sessions and run their eye over the 8-11 year olds. If this is the future then I’m sorry, but it’s just not for me.

    I still love football but this isn’t football. I’d rather put my money into the non league game where the top flight has little to no interest.

  7. Adrian Stockwell says:

    Well said Des.

    Utterly disgraceful some of the developments on planet premiership this month. I’m a Halifax fan so the premiership relegation thing will obviously never affect me. Reading about it still makes me sick to the bone though. It CANNOT be allowed to happen.

    As for the youth thing, well, more fool the premier league when they one day cotton on to the fact nobody’s bothering to nurture talent for them anymore.

  8. Neal Cannell says:

    This would appear to render the awareness raising walk undertaken by Jez George, Cambridge United’s then academy director and now 1st team manager, a complete waste pf time. He was campaigning for the non-league clubs that still run proper academies (such as Cambridge United) to be entitled to the same level of funding as those in the football league. However it now seems that we are all going to be shafted equally badly rather than the non-league clubs getting better recognition and reward for their efforts.

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