1. FFFFFC said:

    A laughable and idiotic petition. How exactly would the government “force” The Sun to reveal these sources? By sending in the SAS? It could only do so by passing a law.

    Are we seriously campaigning for there to be an Act of Parliament to get revenge against a tabloid for printing something offensive?

    Weren’t football fans complaining recently about the outrage to free speech presented by legal moves to ban certain terrace chants?

    Any football fan who’s thinks that we’ll all be living in a better society if the state can force the media to reveal sources is a fool. But, as the great majority of football fans are the very ones buying these tabloid rags every day, maybe fools is what we are.

    Liverpool showed the perfect way to hit sewage like The Sun where it hurts – you don’t demand new laws or undermine free speech. YOU-JUST-STOP-BUYING-THEM!

    October 19, 2011

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