The BBC Is Wrong To Consider Slashing Its Local Sports Coverage


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9 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    It is an excellent programme.

    Put it on 5 Live, problem solved.

  2. Johnny Too Bad says:

    5 Live is way too Premiersh!t centric, driven, as it is, by it’s adoration of celeb culture. Local radio gives invaluable coverage to lower and non-league clubs. Sack that Derbyshire woman and Nicky Campbell, spend the money on local BBC radio sports coverage!

  3. Tim Vickerman says:

    It is an absolute shame to see the BBC, bullied by the Murdochs and Tories, bowing to commercial pressure to consider axeing the very things (6 Music, Asian Network, BBC 4) that separate it from the mainstream dross.

    As for 5 Live, the Football Daily was wall-to-wall Tevez last week, even at the expense of reporting the actual, you know, football.

    I seem to recall in the late 90s they used to do features and radio documentaries and had the Football Forum – an excellent programme that was broadcast monthly from various regions and had good representation from ex-players, managers and supporters of ALL clubs in the region, Premier League down to Non-League. Whatever happened to that?

    One plus point has been the new Monday Night Club: Rebooted where they give about half an hour over to online journalists who actually shed some insight onto a broader range of topics than the top of the Premier League. But I suppose this won’t draw the listeners Robbie Savage does and will soon be axed.

  4. Barry Gill says:

    Radio Leeds, who used to do a wonderful local cricket show on a saturday evening, cut backs, what cut backs? Recent match between Huddersfield Town & Bradford City had two sets of commentators and summarisers on different wavelengths….

  5. Richard says:

    At present it is quite conceivable for six different reporting teams to be covering a single match – Final Score reporter, Match of the Day / Football League Show commentator, 5 live, commentators from local radio from both teams local areas and someone sat in an office doing a toe-curlingly awful text commentary. With a bit more thought there are obvious avenues to save money in these circumstances and plough it into the true public service area of the Non League Show.

  6. Ted Blair says:

    The only time the BBC give a damn is when a non-league team gets to play a “big” team in the FA Cup – an opportunity for them to wheel out that old fool Motson so he can rabbit on about Ronnie Radford…

  7. totemowl says:

    The cutbacks on sports coverage will be driven by cutbacks on local services. Unfortunately the BBC have decided to centralise their radio and TV coverage, a move that will reduce local sports coverage outside of the Premiership to the brief and shallow qualities of The Football League Show.

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