The People’s Republic Of Elland Road

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  1. It’s a shame to see this happen to our great club.All Bates is worried about is MONEY/But remember[BATES]you can’t take it with ‘ya’.There won’t be many at your FUNERAL,BYE.

  2. EYLEEDS says:

    Great article. Every Leeds fan I know is a so called ‘moron’ and you’ve summed up the feeling at Elland Road perfectly.

    Bates seems to be finally understanding this and is trying to appease us by being slightly more transparent, but it is too little too late.

    He needs to realise that Leeds is not his business to run as he sees fit – it is OUR club and he is accountable to the fans.

  3. bash says:

    Great article, well researched and an enjoyable read! Nice to get an away fan’s view, I have to say I didn’t know they had such draconian measures for the away fans, being filmed in the ground?! Awful. We seem to be left alone mostly at away matches which is welcome. Prices are disgraceful, and to categorise portsmouth as category A was so wrong….

  4. Oxford White says:

    Brilliantly written, sadly accurate. MOT

  5. richard l says:

    Thanks – from a visiting fan this is a great insight. We’re mid-table with points in hand, but it feels like a really bleak time to be a Leeds fan right now.

  6. Michael Green says:

    A decent article undermined by being lazy. LUST’s contribution to the fight against Bates since 2005 has been woeful in the extreme (still less than 150 members after 8 years, never once directly attacking Bates or club policies). They are hamstrung by a fear of litigation and internal issues too numerious to mention. The fight has been lead by no-one consistantly, we had Loveleedshatebates, Tenforken (also known as campaign for change), Clarkeonenil when it was under a old editor (me) and The Square Ball. All have managed to prick the Bates bubble but never once deflated the man. And it will be ever thus until the support comes together and alas it never will (LUST, LUSC et all at fault).

  7. Mark Murphy says:

    Terrific article (as per, SJ). I just wish that ANY of it had been the remotest bit surprising…

  8. S20white says:

    I urger Leeds fans to do what I have done this season and NOT GO to Elland Rd – hit Bates where he will feel it…
    And before you call me ‘armchair’ ‘fair weather’ or whatever else, I have followed my boleved club acrooss the UK and Europe and the time has come to make a stance and reading the very good article above justifies my decision!

  9. martin kelly says:

    Excellent article.

    Season ticket holder at E R for 21 years until 2008. I will not put another penny into the club until Bates has gone.

  10. Irreconcilable Sickpot says:

    Michael Green, your comments on the numbers of LUST members are incorrect.

    As of 22nd Sept 2011 LUST had 1134 members.

  11. Ellie The Elland Road Elephant says:

    Michael Green – the article is not lazy. What is lazy is continuing to harp on about past failings of LUST, when they are currently, actively and successfully changing, improving and growing as an organisation.

    You’re a ball and chain around the ankle of any chance of progress at Leeds United.

  12. Matt says:

    Pretty accurate in general, and numbers are certainly down.

    However, just because Bates is a well-known and outspoken chairman it shouldn’t necessarily put him centre-stage.

    Should Leeds fans care where the away fans sit and how much they pay? Not really. I paid £35 for Ipswich this year with similar seating, so chin up.

    Leeds also have little or no control over the policing. Bates has regularly complained about how much it costs. The level of policing is decided by the police (who coincidentally get paid more by the club as they increase their presence, quelle surprise).

    The issue for Leeds fans is that confidence has dipped and we had a slow start to the season.

    We complained about the lack of signings, but now have Forssell, Vayrynen and Danny Pugh. All of which look like they can do a job for us.

    We have also collected 14 points from the last 7 games including games against West Ham and Brighton who have had great starts to the season.

    Anyone who goes to the games knows that our performances on the pitch are improving. If we can hit the play-offs, I’m hoping the mood will lift and we’ll see a return of optimism (and bums on seats) around Elland Road.

  13. Good article

    I sit next to the new away seats in the ‘posh end’ and both myself and two non-playing players (Sam and O’Brien) asked stewards why Portsmouth fans were being filmed while only chanting

    Good article – however the LUST issue is a moot point… 1000+ members yes – but how many paid to be members? In the 100s

    Sadly there’s apathy among the majority of Leeds fans stemming from no-one wanting to buy the club at our lowest point

    The majority recognise that Bates is a Chelsea Cnut but at least he’s our Chelsea Cnut

  14. Luke says:

    Is it a suprise that the average attendance at elland road is down by 4000 on last year….

    The sooner Bates leaves the better.

  15. Andy, Leeds says:

    I don’t think you can really blame the club for the fact that away fans are filmed.
    That is more of a West Yorkshire police thing.

  16. Fi says:

    Fantastic article! Absolutely spot on! This should be made required reading in Leeds. Me and my dissident mates argue exactly these points with other Leeds fans ALL the time!

    What terrifies me is how some sections of the Leeds faithful have lapped up Bates’ propaganda. We joke that he could teach Al-Qaeda a thing or two about brain-washing propaganda!

    Sadly it won’t be long before, and I can really see this, the segregation at Elland Road will be between pro and anti-Bates factions!

    I’m seriously considering only going to away games as a protest – it’s the ONLY language he understands!

    #BatesOut #LUFCdissidents #WeAreTheMorons

  17. EYLEEDS says:

    I’m not willing to boycott matches yet but I am no longer willing to spend any money in the club shop etc.

    Not got a problem with the club living within it’s means, but Bates has repeatedly lied about the clubs finances and I’m not going to give him any more of my hard earned money until it is transparent where it is going.

    Bates needs a business lesson in looking after his ‘customers’.

  18. Tyler75 says:

    Very good article. Thank you. Outrageous treatment of away fans; we’ve been subject to similar and worse over the years so as a club, we should know better – but then Bates hates football ‘fans’ full stop – he’s only interested in ‘consumers. However I will take issue with the fact that we are a ‘shadow’ of the team from last season. We have a much better, more consistent goalkeeper, a more enterprising and harder working midfield pairing and potentially a much more solid central defensive pairing. We’ve lost nothing going forward with Ross McCormack stepping up to the plate (worth noting that our top scorer from last season is now fit and only makes the bench)

  19. SJMaskell says:

    If you remember we had a ding-dong of a 2-2 draw last season during the Christmas period. No way was last Saturday of that quality. I’m willing to concede, however, that it may have been our team that was more at fault for that than yours!

  20. Jason says:

    Extremely well balanced piece SJ. Great work with capturing a new mood at Elland Road.

  21. Matt – You’re falling into the trap of excusing Bates because we’re doing OK on the pitch. THIS is the overarching problem we’ve had for far too long now, that whenever things are going badly on the pitch, it’s OK to question Bates’ motives, policies and nonsense, but when it’s going well, a worrying number of our supporters are too happy to ignore the problems (that sadly still exist) because they believe Bates’ nonsense that it affects the team.

  22. Mick says:

    Bit harsh of people climbing into LUST etc for their lack of leading the fight. There is no more litigious man alive than Uncle Ken and he’ll have every man and his dog in the High Court bled penniless and homeless without blinking.

  23. Adam says:

    Excellent article about the plight of our great club. I too am bemused by the filming. Good luck for the season and let’s hope we get a better game at Fratton Park (and the floodlights perform better than last year)!

  24. Leedslad says:

    Can we stop calling the old twat cuddly Ken or uncle Ken, he’s not our Chelsea cunt either he’s just a cunt !

  25. Jon says:

    Very good article, pity M Green had to stick his oar in though. Bates Out!

  26. KBEES says:

    Good Read, soon Bates will stop selling Jester Hats to the kids I chat to in the JC John Thomas’s.

  27. KBEES says:

    Just to add, I no longer go to ER coz of Mr Bates, I travel to as many away games as the Ticket Server allows without crashing.

  28. Trophy says:

    Fantastic article. Nail. On. Head. Die Bates DIE

  29. Graham says:

    No more of our dough to Monaco ,I will not give him another penny whilst he runs Leeds. 50 years Father and Son lost because of his greed

  30. HeadLiner says:

    Hey, be thankful you had concessions and child pricing as an option. When I take my 13 year old daughter into the West stand, where you were housed, I have to pay £36 for us both!

    One would have to question whether Bates has the legal right to not offer me a discounted child seat if it is available to other fans sitting in the same stand.

  31. @mike_dale1978 says:

    Fantastic article. Very interesting to see the suspicious dates when Bates took over, when Teak commercial was set up and when it acquired Elland Road. Why on earth hasn’t this been investigated properly?
    Us Saints fans were also filmed and dealt with very aggressively by stewards during our last visit to Leeds two seasons ago. Several fans were grappled with and marched out for the heinous crime of standing up. I live in Leeds and have seen the air of ennui surrounding their fans and Bates’ insidious influence over the local media. Deeply unpleasant.

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