A Bumpy Start To The Season For Nottingham Forest


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6 Responses

  1. pukkatronic says:

    Forest under Doughty have always had a lack of both ambition and belief. Forest fans have got too used to failure. No one wants a club happy with mere survival. As you rightly say, the Championship has been there for the taking for a while. Forest have never really had the gonads to step up to the plate.

  2. Jertzee says:

    If I supportedf forest I wouldn’t be concerend about the replacement manager or getting promoted.

    Unless a lot has changed since last November the Forest website says that othe club owes Doughty more than £60m, repayable by May 2013.

    If he decides enough is enough and nobody is there to repay the loans then I would start looking at the Northern League Grounds guide rather than whether Martin O’Neill will return.

  3. pukkatronic says:


    Doughty has said many times he will never ask for money back that he has already put in. So whilst the flow may stop the past sums are not true debts. Think of Doughty as a small-time Abramovich in this respect.

  4. SjMaskell says:


    Relying on ‘soft loans’ is a bad financial tactic – no one knows when they might be called in or for what reason – ask South Coast teams about that one. With Financial Fair Play coming in Forest look close to becoming unsustainable.

    Sacking managers so early in the season shows the desperation of the gamble required to get a team promoted – or at least not relegated – in order to keep it financially viable. Forest sack first then Bristol City and rumours abound that the Steve Cotterill at Pompey is hovering on the brink. The desperation to keep the fans coming through the gate when the style of football and results do not entertain is obvious. Owners can’t afford to cut prices so they have to find other ways to appease the fans.

  5. Marshdweller says:

    Surely once FFP comes in, the wealth of the owner is pretty much irrelevant? The Chairman becomes little more than an administrator, deciding how to allocate the money from the club’s income rather than investing any of his/her own?

    If Nigel Doughty is going to remain as a benefactor for a few years, supporting the club financially with the commitments made during his reign, we only have to worry about decisions made in the future, not those already set in stone.

    Obviously, the concern is that by 2013 or 2014, the club’s budget will be so drastically reduced in comparison to this season’s that holding on to the likes of McGugan, Camp, Gunter and Cohen becomes impossible as their sale becomes a financial necessity.

    I may, of course, be horribly wrong…

  6. kruador says:

    Marshdweller: As I understand it, Chairmen can put their own money in to improve facilities – extend the stadium, upgrade the training ground – but are not permitted to spend it on transfer fees or player wages. Presumably there are checks that any accumulated debt paid off was incurred in investing in facilities rather than on player wages!

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