A Winding Up Order For Truro City


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9 Responses

  1. It, for me, has been a strange situation at Truro City. Heaney took over when Truro were just another member of the SWPL and thus had no more support than say Falmouth Town or St Blazey.

    My, subjective, view when Kevin took over was that it would be great for Cornish football to see a side progress up the non-league pyramid. It was not a view shared across Cornwall, for whatever reason lots of people have been desperate to see Truro fall flat on their face. This can only relate to jealousy, because up until six years ago Truro were on a par with most other Cornish sides.

    On the subject of Treyew Road and the building of houses there it is no secret that that is in the mind of Kevin Heaney. Although there have also been reports that maybe a Morrisons would be built there upon Truro City acquiring a new stadium. For years now though, TCFC and KH have had no luck with backing for a new ground for the club. To me it is beyond belied why Cornwall will not back a Stadium for Cornwall. Although I do appreciate the financial implications I believe the county deserves a stadium. It would be of great benefit to future generations, and wish when I grew up I’d have had Premier League rugby and Football League on my door stop.

    This has obviously been of frustration to Heaney and you can draw your own conclusions as to how he is feeling and how it all links in to the Argyle situation. Maybe with the support of locals and the council City have hit a stumbling block. I’d doubt any potential promotion would have gone though to the Conference National. Maybe this led to his interest in PAFC. One thing for sure though is that Treyew Road is touted as an expensive area for developing property and that has been an issue for Truro-haters to focus on for the last six years now.

  2. Ian says:


    Having read about or seven months’ worth of new stories on the Stadium For Cornwall, what is most striking to me is how on-off-on-off it has all been. From a personal perspective, I have no problem with councils getting involved in the funding of the construction of stadia as community facilities, but in the current climate I can understand how they might figure that such a move might not play well with voters, considering cuts to local services which are being made elsewhere.

    I have absolutely no idea what is going on with Heaney and the club at the moment – the transfer of directorship into his girlfriend’s name, the banning of TISA, rumours of players not getting paid and – what, at the very least seems like – a veil of secrecy about it all doesn’t, sorry to say, bode well.

  3. Jim says:

    Samuel, it’s not a Stadium for Cornwall – it’s a Stadium for Truro. And it benefits nobody, other than Truro City FC and the Pirates. It’s intrinsically linked to Lavery’s *massive* development plan for the county and will offer virtually no community facilities at all. Have a look at http://cornishzetetics.blogspot.com/ where a detailed (and I mean detailed) expose of the Stadium process can be found.

  4. A.Fan says:

    All Truro City fans want is their own stadium adequate for lower Football League football, not something where only one seat in ten is occupied with no atmosphere, A stadium for Cornwall would be a mistake for all concerned.
    Nowhere in the report does the word “vile” appear, at the Dorchester Game Mr Heaney and his lady partner were subjected to vile singing from a small number in the crowd, almost all were unknown but believed to be from Plymouth, one TISA member singing along was recognised and banned for life even though he apologised immediately at half time.
    It isn’t only those wearing TISA attire who are banned but anyone wearing Red & Black, the clubs colours for over one hundred years.
    Would there be a Truro City without Mr Heaney, that’s doubtful, he has delivered to the fans all he promised we will not be nailing him to the cross.

  5. Jim, I appreciate your point but don’t wholeheartedly agree with it.

    Admittedly, exciled in Manchester, I am a little bit hazy on the exacts of the stadium, where it is up to etc etc.

    But community facilities or not I think the county needs higher levels of sport. The Pirates and TCFC are trying to offer that.

    All I can say is I’m a big sports fan and my bias obviously lies there. Yours is obviously against the rise of any form of professional sport in the county.

  6. Martin says:

    The terms of these restrictions are interesting indeed. Copies of the document containing clauses 12.1 and 12.2 would be available from the Land Registry. This could well be an option to purchase the land or similar but isn’t automatically sinister.

    The restriction in favour of Lloyds TSB means the land is mortgaged in their favour.

  7. Nigel Okobe says:

    Hi Ian,found your article reading up about winding up petitions. Also found the lawyers website http://windinguppetitionsolicitors.co.uk/truro-city-fc-instruct-lexlaw-in-winding-up-petition Now from my reading today the article might be slightly wrong baecause HMRC dont *need* to advertise after seven days but must seven days before the court date.

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