Everton’s Union Blues

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  1. mick says:

    We could do with the local/national press publishing something like this…

  2. Peter Whelan says:

    As well as kenwright being under the cosh what about the rich directors who could easily put money into the club but silently refuse?

  3. True4KinBlue says:

    As the newest member to get involved in the Blue Union, I have to pretty much agree with the whole article. It is an excellent, well balanced read and although this is my own personal view, I’m confident fellow members of TBU would agree.
    As Dave Kelly stated at TBU inagrual meeting at The Casa last Saturday, these are the first steps not the last steps. Yes TBU was without structure and organisation but this has been quickly rectified.
    Support is quickly gaining momentum for TBU and our aims are simple – even if the process of acheiving them is not.
    TBU is not an Anti-Kenwright movement and it is not a one person witch-hunt. What we want is an interim Board to be appointed whilst allowing the CEO to concentrate on reducing costs and generating revenue streams.
    More information can be found either by following @TheBlueUnion on Twitter and the protest details can be found using this link http://clubeverton.co.uk/news_archive/protest-details-announced

  4. Brian says:

    A timely and informative account of what many of us perceive to be happening. Given the groups involved with the BU had hoped for a less amateur night performance in the ways they are going about things. Oh for the local media to report the issues in this sort of way. Again unfortunately the BU seem keener to wage war on local journos than trying to find ways to engage them in order to inform and exert wider influence. But at root the main problem is they are confused and confusing about what they want and how to achieve it. The Tzar is safe for a good while yet.

  5. Arthur J says:

    This is one of the best articles I have read concerning the problems at Everton FC .It certainly rates alongside some of Colin Fitz’s excellent pieces he’s written over the years , and that is the highest compliment I can give you . Thank you and well done

  6. Mick Davies says:

    The Blue Union is obviously a group of concerned Evertonians, fearing for the future of their club, which is run by a Stalinist click who suffer no criticism and offer no explanations to the worries of supporters. Whether the interview was taped or not is irrelevant: what matters is that the truth has been brought out into the open and if that is the only method fans had, then it’s a sad indictment on those running the club they love (into the ground?)

  7. Seamus says:

    Excellent piece, balanced and accurate. If only we could have a national journo that could be arsed to publish a piece as good as this.

  8. SteveR says:

    Congratulations on publishing one of the best neutral pieces I’ve read about the EFC dilemma. One which also gives an idea of the problems faced by the ‘normal’ fan stuck between an amateur chairman plus a disinterested board and those fans who have discovered their internet voice but who now appear to be intent on auditioning as the next Alastair Campbells. And, of course and as ever, the curse of the grammar police demands its tribute: ‘pertinent worries about it’s near future’

  9. Tony says:

    Just been on Bkuekipper main site,you should see the amount of people who support the board. Unless they are all employees of EFC. Excellent article by the way.

  10. Colin Fitzpatrick says:

    I have to say Mark, for a Kingstonian and a part-time Spurs and Celtic supporter you certainly have a phenomenal handle on what has been going on at Goodison.

    There’s so much misinformation bandied about, TBU at war with journalists? – laughable btw, the list of those being banned for reporting the truth is growing day by day.

    You’ll have to contact me and have a chat; great piece, superb bit of work.

  11. kevin says:

    what people are not seeing is that the club as not moved forward an clubs ie~ stoke, sunderland, fulham, are now better run than us, all have come into the premier league in the last 10 years, an are starting to catch us up ie# on the pitch. moyes as kept us in the top half of the table on peanuts, but it carnt last,, that is why the fans are taken action. if we dont we will be playing preston very soon on a regular basis. I am not against bill kenwright but something as got to be done and if tapeing a meeting and a protest changes things a little bit, well its worth it

  12. Peter Laing says:

    This should be carried in the Liverpool Echo as it gives an honest, independent and accurate account regarding the timeline of failure under Bill Kenwright’s stewardship. I would urge Colin Fitzpatrick to become the director of communications for Blue-Union, his professional approach, knowledge of facts and ability to convey information is second to none.

  13. Jimmy says:

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    Exellent work.

  14. Tom Hughes says:

    Absolutely spot on! Johnson never perpetratrated half of this board’s cock-ups, and was run out of town. BK has survived only because of his blue credentials and Moyes’ ability to succeed on a shoetring. Well the shoestring snapped a while ago, and we are now seeing this lot’s true credentials. Someone needs to link this to the Liverpool Echo’s website now!!!

  15. Steve Mc says:

    After reading numerous versions, posts and references to the debacle that is Everton FC these past few years, this single summary hits the right balance between them all!

    An outstanding article, it makes my blood boil as well as a lump in my throat with emotion, when I consider how badly things have been allowed to slip at EFC.

    The activity of late, and the protest tomorrow, must be a catalyst for sustained but professional (the Everton way) pressure on the Board of EFC to finally concede the need to take action. Thank you!

  16. Martin T says:

    Very well written and balanced piece that all Everton fans should read. Agree therefore that this deserves the platform of a local/national paper.

  17. Steve W says:

    Excellent article by Mark and an excellent reponse from the Everton fans, a stark contrast to the comments of some fans who have had their heads in the sand on this site. Yes Birmingham fans, I am talking about you.

  18. Dave Moorcroft says:

    Absolutely superb piece,Exactly what a lot of Evertonians have been saying for at least the last 4 years.A copy should be given to every Evertonian before tomorrows game,Very well done.

  19. Andy says:

    Although I do not support Everton, I do have sympathy with the fans here.

    However, at a time where the club is in so much debt the fact the one of the most asked questions by Everton fans seems to be “Why aren’t we spending money in the transfer market” says it all for me.

    The reason the club is in debt is purely because they have spent money they didn’t have. Complaining that the club isn’t spending more is crazy.

    I would focus on the £23.8m other Operating Costs. The majority of this will be above board purely because if a bank is owed millions they will have demanded to know what the hell that is made up of.

    The issue is that what may seem ok to a bank may not seem ok as expenditure to a fan.

    For Everton the time to spend money is not now.

    Now is the time to get your voice heard more and protest. I have heard nothing, from being down in London, about any protests so don’t know whether they have occured or not but it seems the fans need to make a united stand on a match day (turning backs onto the field of play or whatever) because the fans aren’t being heard.

    Is there an Everton Trust??

    Maybe they should be the voice?

  20. Stuart says:

    This just looks like a rerun of our troubles at LTFC when jayten were in charge, players being sold, fans demanding answers, the board calling those asking the questions nothing but troublemakers, our chairman brought a baseball bat into a press conference, gave it a wave and told us all to shut up or go elsewhere. Turns out we troublemakers were right …

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