Garry Cook & Manchester City: More Questions Than Answers


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5 Responses

  1. Ray Jackson says:

    It ought to be noted that whoever wrote the email wasn’t mocking Dr Onuoha’s cancer. They were mocking the way she brought it into discussions of her son’s contract, using it in a clumsy and inappropriate attempt to make Brian Marwood feel guilty. One year later Dr Onuoha suddenly decides that this email, which apparently was worse than being diagnosed with cancer in the first place, must be aired in public. Why now? Because she isn’t getting her way in contract negotiations?

  2. Boris says:

    Without seeming to appear heartless, how bad was Dr.Onouah’s condition last year? If she was truly ravaged with disease then this email was inexcusable and Cook must go but if it was just a mild form of non-malignant cancer then perhaps you could understand Cook’s scepticism if it was being used as a bargaining tool.

    The timing is also interesting, 3 days after the transfer window closes, a window when Nedum Onouah failed to find a new club or get a contract extension at City. I’m sure the fact that Ned’s advisor is Kia Joorachabin, Garry Cook’s nemesis is purely coincidental.

  3. janik says:

    Boris, you are assuming that Cook wrote the email. Which, as the article was at pains to point out, is something that is not yet known.

  4. Steve says:

    IF Cook did write the email he’s finished regardless of the severity of Dr Onouah’s cancer, the possible involvement of Joorabchian, Nedum Onouha’s failure to secure a move or any vendetta/conspiracy theories.

    The introduction – by Cook -of a culprit who has been identified and subjected to disciplinary proceedings will see to that. As Ian says, the truth of that should be easy to establish. If that’s true, Cook would have nothing to worry about and if it isn’t, he’s gone.

  1. September 6, 2011

    […] takes this story as an opportunity to remind us that news coverage is 24/7 nowadays and that none of the facts are in. That’s a darn good […]

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