Fan’s Re-United Day: Home Park, 24.09.11


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8 Responses

  1. the situation at plymouth happened at fulham fc. developers wanting to mere us with QPR and sell ground. dont like sound of B>I>L. good luck Plymouth . . . just believe . . . we did

  2. Rob says:

    I was a huge fan of Fans United, and have attended them in the past, however I’m a little cautious about this. It’s not the sentiment (which is fantastic), or the cause (which of course is a worthy one).

    What happens to the extra revenue from the game? Does it disappear into the same black hole that the season ticket money went into?

  3. kevin budd says:

    Doesn’t matter where the money goes from this game, this is about ALL FANS FROM ALL CLUBS standing together and saying FANS UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED, The money from the original fans united went into Archers back pocket but it’s the message that counts

  4. john hewitt says:

    as chairman of bha supporters club we are right behind Argyle fans in there fight to keep their club alive and quite a number of our supporters will be making the journey to home park on 24th good luck

  5. Brighton Fan says:

    Copied this from NorthStandChat – it seems to sum it up pretty well……

    “My memory comfortably encompasses the original Fans United and I still recall it with a tear in my eye. I felt then as I still feel today, that knowing we had the support of other fans up and down the country, not because we were either friends or rivals but simply because we were football fans and others understood how it would feel to lose our club, to have no-one to support………………….. ……………….. well, it was simply the most amazing feeling and the truth rang out loud and clear that football is more than just a game because it is what takes us away from the daily grind, the humdrum and the plain awful that constitutes many peoples’ lives. Sometimes if you are lucky it unites people like few other things can but mostly it just gives us something positive to think about and when the match kicks off we are all there living it. Even when we can’t be there in the flesh we still live every game. We read every match report. We devour all the stats. We talk about it and we dream about it. To deny people that is simply wrong and I don’t care how financially sustainable it may be. What I care about is the excitement of supporting my team whether it is doing well, or more often over the years, not – and it matters not at all whether the sun is shining or it’s pissing down with rain just as long as it doesn’t snow so the game is off. I care about the hope that I feel every time my heroes run out onto the pitch. I care about the way I can’t wait for the next game. Nothing else gives you those feelings and I don’t want to lose it and because I know that every other fan of every club that is “theirs” whether it’s their home town club or adopted, feels the same way I don’t want them to lose it either.
    And yes I remember how I felt walking across Hove Park and onto the Old Shoreham Road by the Goldstone Ground and seeing scarves and hats from clubs everywhere because they knew how I was feeling and it mattered to them and they cared enough to be there. I stood there that day in absolute silence just drinking it in and then I sang myself hoarse knowing that there was just a glimmer of a beginning of a chance that it might not be the last time I would do so. It wasn’t then and it isn’t now about the club or the rivalry or the lack of it. It’s about being a fan and knowing what that means so if you don’t feel it and don’t care then just jog right off because I DO and I want Argyle fans to know that I do and for them to keep feeling as they do about THEIR club. I wasn’t there at Wrexham. I wish I had been. I can’t be there against Leeds when Brighton fans plan to show their support en masse by “Going Green” . But I will be watching to see our fans make me feel proud and I will be at Home Park to see fans from everywhere stand shoulder to shoulder for something that may be insignificant in the greater scheme of things but in the lives of ordinary folk it matters.”

    Hope fans from clubs everywhere can make it to Plymouth on 24th September.

  6. Patricia says:

    Here are some photos I took on Saturday at the Fans Re-United Day, Home Park. Enjoy :) It was an incredible day – an absolutely buzzing, passionate & loud crowd and what a result!

  1. September 9, 2011

    […] Amid the ongoing turmoil at Plymouth (takeover bid still not completed, fans from other teams are generously doing their bit, taking their lead from Brighton’s, in particular. On 23 September, Seagulls supporters are rallying to make it a ‘Green and White Day’, wearing the colours to the televised Friday night match at home to Leeds United and attempting to garner more attention for the Pilgrims’ plight. A day later, Brighton fans (and now, it seems, supporters from a host of other clubs) are then planning to travel down to Home Park for Plymouth’s League Two match with Macclesfield, dedicating it Fans Reunited, in tribute to the original Fans United Day from 1997, when the club hosted Hartlepool during an infamously low ebb in the club’s history. More information on Fans Reunited is here, as well as a more detailed background too. […]

  2. September 12, 2011

    […] Fan’s Re-United Day: Home Park, 24.09.11 Two Hundred Percent […]

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