Yesterday In Plymouth: Background To Insurgam

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  1. Just a Fan says:

    Firstly, can I just say it is scandalous that some of Plymouth’s staff have not been paid since 2010.

    I assume the only reason these (mostly players) still have their houses is because of the football creditors rule. i.e. the banks won’t reposess as they know that whatever happens the rule will ensure that the players get paid in full.

    Which brings me onto the potential strike. Although quite a few months without pay is reason enough to strike I wonder if any of the players are concerned that should the football creditors rule be found to be unlawful, (IMHO it is), it may affect their pay (albeit unlikley any change would be retrospective)?

    Don’t get me wrong, it is not a criticism – I would be equally concerned if I was in their shoes.

    If the creditors rule didn’t exist the players would have gone on strike last season and clubs would start to learn to love within their means.

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