Ronaldo To Madrid… Possibly


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4 Responses

  1. j says:

    A third possibility is that Ronaldo’s “greatness” was due largely to the steady and controlling hand of Ferguson who kept his preening and ego in check for the last few seasons. It’s possible that Ferguson recognized that not even he can control the inflated ego of “the world’s greatest” and fears loosing the United dressing room to his antics. Better to have the 80 mil.

  2. williamhill says:

    too big of an ego for old trafford. go on, playa.

  3. Bit of both I think, but it should be noted that in the last 3 years United have more or less made either a profit or broken even on transfers. That sort of frugality would have been unthinkable pre-Glazers. No matter how indifferently people treat them, the Glazers are a serious scourge on Manchester United. All that money for Ronaldo and yet season ticket prices go up. Whats more, £80 million isn’t even enough to cover 3 years interest payments on the debt, let alone re-build a whole team.

  4. Michael Wood says:

    Idea 4: Ronaldo’s greatness is – well – spin. For sure the lad can play a bit with the ball at his feet but you could say that about any number of players in the Premiership many of whom would – when tucked in along side the other eleven and given a remit to go attack – probably be able to do the same or similar to the Winky Portuguese.

    The media love attacking players and lionise them overstating the effect they have on a game and Rolando is the pinnacle of this trend to date. The kind of player he is he does not get the criticism for the “not turning up” of Rome cause – well – he is not the sort of player who makes a team tick so much as the chime but the fact that if the other ten do not play well then Rolando – or any other player who get a remit to just go forward (Ginola for example) – is worthless.

    Simple question: Who would be worth more? Ronaldo or Roy Keane? Easily answered.

    Except it seems in Madrid where the seduction of the media assertion that flashing attacking players make good attacking teams is total and the results are evident. At the highest level they are found wanting just as often (and there are exceptions) Ronaldo was the man to put Derby County or Stoke City to the sword but struggled against Liverpool or Barcelona.

    In the end Sir Ferguson will do well to bank the money against interest payments and build a Nani into the next Ronaldo for Madrid to come along and buy in a few years while United continue to keep the likes of Michael Carrick happy and win enough trophies to made Madrid envious.

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