The Twohundredpercent pre-season previews: Premier League kits

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5 Responses

  1. Nomadic U says:

    Apprantly the squiggle in the Manchester City jersey is the volume line of City fans singing ‘Blue Moon’. Or something similar.

  2. Tim Vickerman says:

    So Wigan’s home shirt is blue. Their away shirt is also blue, but a bit darker. Now, a cynic would say it’s a deliberate attempt at making them wear their third kit more often to boost sales. Why don’t they just make a bloody sensible away kit that’s completely different to their home shirt?

    Thanks for the article. Why are striped kits seen as an invitation to tinker? And when did it become acceptable for Greedy League clubs to change their kit EVERY season? I thought there was a two-season limit… Agree that the Norwich pair are the best by far.

  3. A Diamonds Fan says:

    Putting aside the current design of these kits, the cost of replica shirts is a complete rip-off. I noticed in the Spurs club shop last Saturday that the adult home short sleeved shirt is £46 each with larger and long sleeved versions costing an additional £6.
    Contrast this with my club who have reformed recently as AFC Rushden & Diamonds and who plan to sell replica quality made shirts, with an embroidered badge, for less than £30 for an adult size!

  4. Gladiola says:

    No way in hell newcastle has a worse kit thsn bolton. Bolton has an atrocious kit.

  5. Jim says:

    i must add a protest about Blackburns new kit. The blue and white are in the wrong sequence. Blue on the front should be white on the back, white on te front should be blue on the back.
    These are the things that can cause revolution!

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