Wrexham’s Extraordinary Day


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10 Responses

  1. Great article. Wrexham fans are renowned for their passion on the terraces – now they have proved their passion for the club off the field.

    This is just the start, now the fans must show their ability to run a football club – they can’t do any worse than the previous owners!

    Good luck to the Wrexham fans.

    One small point – the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph ends “…by the end of the following money” – surely you meant ‘day’ not ‘money’?

  2. Phil says:

    Shouldn’t that read 127, 000?! not 27,000!

  3. Ian says:

    £27,000 in cash handed in person at the club, Phil – the remainder was paid into a bank account opened in haste for direct payments.

  4. Bath City fan says:

    Very difficult to summarise all that has happened over the last few days, but a great article. Just one thing, you said “At the time that the club needed, more than it had ever needed it before, a sum of money to be paid by a set date, Moss couldn’t deliver” OH YES HE COULD, (he had the £1.8million from the ground sale) but he decided not to, so it should say “..Moss WOULDN’T deliver”. He would quite happily have seen the club die, in the same way as he withdrew the rugby team from their league.

  5. Phil says:

    I stand corrected. Excellebt article as ever, covergae for wrexham has been superb of late, many thanks

  6. DaveOMac says:

    Just reiterating what “Bath City Fan” said, days before the 250K demand the club sold it’s ground for 1.8million to the University. The club therefore should have had the money, and then some, needed for this bond however it seems as per usual the lovely owner Mr Geoff Moss decided the club was only going to pay 150K of it and he’d have the rest of the ground sale money.

    What a nice man!

  7. Fancy that says:

    Wrexham supporters, not for the first time, have been had. The club didn’t “need”.

    Moss had £100,000 ready and waiting in a bank account, but mysteriously managed to get a call out on the Red Passion website for fans to pay this money, many of whom could ill afford it.

    No official announcement was made of this pressing need for £100,000, either by the club or the supporters trust.

    What is even more extraordinary and concerning is that the Supporters Trust also had £100,000 ready and waiting and a special resolution granted to facilitate payment. Both parties refused to blink and fans desperation was duly exploited, as a millionaire asset stripper duly became richer by a six figure sum in hours.

    Questions also have to be asked about the role of the Red Passion website in all of this. The relationship of certain local councillor with various parties remains opaque too.

    The supporter owned model has been both laudable and indeed successful, but where exactly will it end up? Fans being blackmailed organ donations to pay players and millionare owners?

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