Football Governance And Parliament: What Happens Next?

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2 Responses

  1. SjMaskell says:

    Interesting that Football League clubs are shutting out reporters at the moment and Mr Bates is carrying on a personal war with the BBC.

    Carpe diem – those with the arguments for change could fill the vacuum.

  2. Nick Harris says:

    Thanks for the mention and compliment.
    I’m confused over the reference to parroting an anti-committee sentiment though.
    The only time I wrote about the 5 per cent time given to fans was back in April, some four months ago. Link here:
    And even for that article, I had emailed the committee to ask specifically which members had read the written evidence up to that time. It took a month to get any reply at all, and the response was inconclusive.
    I’m pleased the evidence was referred to within the final report.
    But rather than parrot a suspicion that all the written evidence hadn’t been read by all the committee, I think we probably raised that possibility in the first place in a now four-month-old article that appeared on evidence to be true at the time.
    Cheers. NH

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