Liverpool & Everton – The Case For & Against Ground-Sharing


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8 Responses

  1. scouser66 says:

    why would everton want to share if hicks and gillett stay liverpool will be bankrupt also as reguards to kirkby ask ant one who lives there are they a scouser you be told two rigth we are also where do liverpool fc have there acadamy is it not kirkby we got the money so lets embace the move onwards and up wards coyb

  2. Gareth Fieldstead says:

    Your wording seems awfully familiar, your not KEIOC are you? Kirkby is Liverpool end of, everyone from Kirkby call themselves scousers and it is as much Liverpool as Walton or Anfield. Everton have no other viable alternative other than Kirkby and the thought of finding nearly 150 million for a shared stadium is laughable. Bradley is an utter tool end of. He has been nothing other than obstructive towards Everton, and he calls himself a blue, what a joke! From the move to Kirkby, the selling of Bellefield and the ongoing push for alternative sites says everything about the man. I hope Evertonians remember what damage this man has done to our club when he is in search of votes at the next local election. We will get our stadium built and it will be a case of onwards and upwards.

  3. jrf63 says:

    I suppose in the light of current events globally that a groundshare of a 65.000 stadium would be of benefit to Everton and Liverpool . the costs would be halved so that approx 175m each…easily affordable . If you look at the munich stadium when bayern play it’s lit up RED , and when 1860 play its BLUE…problem sorted…I fully understand the issue of ‘roots’ and heritage , but place this alongside the other possibility which is potentailly going down the table. Liverpool aren’t in a good financial position andlimited , Everton have won nothing under Moyes and are unlikely to in the near future and both are handicapped by smaller stadiums than the other big competetitors except Chelsea who are privately bankrolled anyway . AVFC have Learner who has cash and portsmouth and City now have very wealthy backers….not a gr8 future. I say build and be damned as not build and be damned anyway.

  4. tony says:

    There is no chance of Liverpool sharing with Everton as Hicks and Gillett know how much they will make from the new stadium, People suggesting Liverpool are skint are deluding themselves. Liverpool generate lots of money alone unlike Everton and the finance required will be found no doubt at all, Everton could not afford their share of the stadium or even fiil it with fans. We can wait for the right financial climate before going ahead with the build and leave Everton to sort themselves out.

  5. williamhill says:

    ive always been a fan of milan and inter sharing the same stadium, theres doubt that it can work in the epl but im sure it will work out in the end.

  6. Paul Blackwell says:

    Attn Everton fans : ‘Manchester’ United play on an out of town site in Stretford within the borough of Trafford on the edge of a huge industrial estate that is actually Manchester in postcode only and have done since 1910. Goodison is a fabulous place. It reeks history. But now it’s a millstone around your club’s neck and it’s time to move on.

  7. lain says:

    Anfield to me is our spiritual home,any fan should feel that!we must have our own ground,a shared ground is just a pitch unless its your own.I would rather watch liverpool play at the local park than share, it has nothing to do with who we share with or how much better off financially we will be or even how great the facilities will be,Its is a spiritual matter !i beg LFC fans to reject the share it will rip the heart out of both clubs.

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