Shit Shot Mungo: Holiday Special!

Shit Shot Mungo: Holiday Special!

By on Jun 4, 2009 in Art, Latest, Mungo | 0 comments

When I was a child, comics brought out “Holiday Specials”, which were, basically, bigger versions of the regular comics designed to keep children occupied for at least a couple of hours’ worth of the summer or Easter holidays. With the football season having now – more or less – ended, Dotmund has decided to take you behind the scenes with “Shit Shot Mungo” with a series of extracts about Heart of Clackmannannshire taken from the (fictional) magazine, “”SUBSTITUTE!”. There will be a selection of articles about the club’s players and behind the scenes pieces from Clackins Park over the course of the summer, but we’re starting tonight with a cigarette card that was given away with “SUBSTITUTE!” magazine. The full (and even better) version, also featuring goalkeeper Rab “Flappins” McGinty is available here.

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