Sheffield Wednesday Send Their Boys To The Slaughter


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6 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    As a Wednesday fan, it raises several questions about the general approach of the club, and is somewhat embarrassing. However it is no more than that, and will most likely be completely forgotten in a couple of weeks.

    One point worth noting is that the side wasn’t that of the current academy. At least three of the starting line up are full time professionals. One (Nathan Modest) has played for the first team and spent time last season on loan at Darlington. The keeper has been an unused sub for the first team (at Southampton last season!) So it’s not as if a side fresh out of their GCSEs was fielded.

    Incidentally, one of the Alfreton team also graduated from our Academy…

  2. Ian says:

    Richard, do you know anyone that went? It’s obvious to say that the result was an utter pasting, but there is usually more to this sort of thing than meets the eye.

    Also, I would say that to drop the academy altogether would be a folly. Rip it up and start again by all means (a club the size of Wednesday should be able to pick up its fair share of decent young players), but the potential financial benefit if it starts producing some decent players could be colossal.

  3. Charlie says:

    Blackpool lost 9-0 to Kendal Town in very similar circumstances recently.

    I do wonder why that hasn’t received anything like as much attention, even though it’s arguably a bigger story given the Seasiders’ lofty position.

  4. bob says:


    It’s because people like Blackpool as a club.

    People don’t like Wednesday because there is a streak of arrogance running from the boardroom right through to their moronic support.

  5. Ken says:

    It’s an odd one as only a few years ago McAuley’s stock was very high – he had a successful spell as caretaker manager and young players (some preceding his tenure admittedly) were graduating to the first team, which saw him rewarded with a 5 year contract (!). Recently there have been a few murmerings about his general approach and decision making, although he can’t take sole blame for this fiasco. The only mitigating circumstance is that the club has signed less players than it’s stated target which has left the squad looking decidedly thin. I feel for the poor lads in the team.

    bob – people can read the comments and decide who is arrogant and moronic.

  6. Gladiola says:

    Bob – next time, keep your pithy bonmots to yourself.

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