Chester City’s Administration & Stephen Vaughan


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20 Responses

  1. Dave Smith says:

    Why oh why are people like Stephen Vaughan allowed to run a club ? surely its time for the FA to act for the sake of the game/

  2. John Charles says:

    If you look at the Observer for May 18th 2008 (article by Mark Townsend ) you will see that Colin Smith’s demise was not a routine gangland killing, he was allegedly murdered by a hitman sent by the Colombian cartel as he allegedly owed them a lot of money.

    Ironic that our great hope as a striker , Paul Taylor, signed at the beginning of the season from Vauxhall Motors should get sacked for failing a drugs test (allegedly Cocaine ) and rumours persist of another Chester player failing a drugs test at the same time.

  3. Mick Chagnet (Posh) says:

    Well done on pulling together a lot of the strands that a few of us have been doing our best to publicise for a long time. Of course most of us think this is only the tip of the iceberg and can only guess at the scale of the real story. For example there is nothing in Stephen Vaughan’s business career that even points at legitmately making a fortune of greater than £4 million – the sum he’s supposed to have invested in Chester City. All that can be seen is a litany of corporate failures.

    Of course none of this has ever been adequately investigated by the FA or the Football League. In a world where people like Stephen Vaughan don’t suffer only the fans for the subsequent failures this is surely a disgrace.

  4. a.p.trotter says:

    the last decent and honest chairman we had was ray crofts..since then we have had Gutterman.the mad yank and the shall I say dodgy S.vaughan.Does the club have a future?In these severe fianicial times.who will buy an ailing non-league team?35 years man and boy I have followed Chester City.Plymouth,Ipswich,Newcastle,Boro,Kingstonian,Forest Green…The club is a joke.What we need is a complete blank sheet of paper and start all over again!With season tickets announced and M.Wrights 20 man list of players,who are the club trying to kid.It hurts to see my club in so much turmoil.What really surprises me is Bob Grays startling rise within the club fron boot man to director/The club is corrupt,we the fans need answers to all are questions.Who owns Chester City f.c,what leaue will we be playing in next seasonWill S.vaughan leave and run another football club into oblivion?

  5. M. Francome says:

    Cannot see why you have any faith in the FA suddenly doing the right thing. The “fit & proper” rule is a joke – if a drug fuelled clone of Hitler ponied up with finance from Al-Qaeda and Gary Glitter as his youth team coach he’d still get the nod from the “guardians” of our game.

  6. Martin says:

    Football is full of people like Stephen Vaughan who have not actually broken any laws and thus are almost impossible to prevent.

    It will continue to be so whilst most fans refuse to take more responsibility for the ownership and running of their supposedly beloved clubs.

  7. Nathan says:

    Why is this man so evil, he ruined Barrow FC & now he’s trying to ruin Chester City

    the guys an idiot.

  8. tony arnold says:

    Wasdvised about him from player at barrow, but Chester fans got carried away thiking he was the saviour…now they recognise his true side.
    The FA aren’t interested in fans issues sadly…jst feather their own nest. The one person who fans could loob is Sir Trevor Brooking, who does care abouthe game and the fans. Alos fans could by pass the FA and approach the PFA who reperesnt the players interests. Lets face it what has happened at Chester FC has affected many players.
    A sad state of affairs. What motivates people to destroy something good?

  9. Matt Kelly says:

    “Vaughan sold the shares in Barrow for a nominal sum to Bobby Brown, a painter and decorator, for £1 a couple of days before the match”
    While this seems like a strange thing to do, it was, of course, his prerogative.

  10. Mike Wilson says:

    Fit n Proper person my Arris.

    The FA need to change the rules and pronto, these dubious ” business men ” know how to flout the rules as the rules are made by upstanding men who dont think in a sinister way, Any new rules should be made by a poacher come gamekeeper type so they would be much harder to manipulate.

    This man has many failed business to his name, why dont you start there by ststing that anybody with 2 or more failed enterprises can not hold a position in a Sports club?

    First Barrow AFC now Chester City who’s next ? He was trying to get his tenticals into Everton last season.

    Barrow managed to survive by the community rallying around to fund our financial shortfall, Chester may not be so lucky.

  11. Dave Ayres says:

    I really liked mr. Vaughan everyone i know calls me BABY but mr vaughan always called me MR.BABY

  12. Jonah Mann says:

    Terrible to see this happen to any club and I feel very sorry for their real fans.
    However, I recently watched the Chester v Darlington game and would like to point out that during the game a section of Chester’s support took great pleasure in mocking Darlingtons troubled fans with chants of “going bust. etc”.

    All I would say is, what goes around comes around.

  13. Ann Jacques says:

    How many leagues have chester been relegated? Have they had to change there name?

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