The 2011 Womens World Cup: The Quarter Finals

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  1. mintox says:

    Like you I watched all but the Germany vs Japan game.

    1) England were absolutely outplayed by a far superior team both technically and tactically. It could well have been one by France within 90 minutes had they a good No.9. England were poor throughout this campaign and even in the game against Japan, another technically superior side, they set out their stall to simply out muscle the Japanese rather than out play them.

    2) Sweden were clinical but were gifted all three chances by the Australians weakness throughout this tournament, their defence. They have no CB’s to speak of, and they’ve used three RB’s this tournament. It was two open crosses that resulted in the first two goals plus a poor mistake at the back that resulted in the third. To the Australians credit, they largely outplayed the Swedes for all but the first 20 minutes. They played the better football and have impressed me with their ability to outplay every team they’ve faced, just as they’ve disappointed me with the goals they gift other teams. But with such a young squad, they are one for the future.

    3) USA vs Brazil was an absolute football purists nightmare. Two teams intent on going toe to toe had forgotten how to play football. The US deservedly went through after sticking to their task after unfairly having a player sent of.

  2. tim caple says:

    yours continues to be about the most perceptive of columns,great detail and when I know you are listening I shall refrain from all innuendo,although I can still not remember saying,”they nearly gave her one in the first half”.
    You did though miss the best one liner of the event,
    “these North Koreans are not going to stand around and be dictated to by anyone”
    It’s the U20’World Cup from Colombia starts this weekend,
    do enjoy!!

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