The Further Adventures Of Stockport County

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  1. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    Any truth in the stories doing the rounds that a certain disqualified director, currently in residende at one of the Queen’s hotels, and with links to Merseyside, is involved somewhere in this?

  2. Mark Murphy says:

    I have to admit that digesting all the other rumours took hours longer than I expected, and there wasn’t enough paracetamol left in the house for me to get onto Vaughan…I presume that was who you meant…or has Jimmy Tarbuck finally been nicked for that act??
    My rather more learned colleague on this site, Mr Ian King, may know more about Vaughan’s link or otherwise. But I didn’t want to spoil his weekend. We’ll let you know what we know, when we know it…

  3. Ian says:

    I will be returning to the subject of what I have already started to call “The Vaughan Effect” during the week.

  4. Phil of Bath says:

    Even if Vaughan isn’t involved, Evans (what a suitable name for a dodgy character) has gone public on saying what a good bloke Vaughan is. not very encouraging.

  5. Sean says:

    If I may contend a couple of points.

    Firstly, the first paragraph indicates hypocrisy that isn’t really there. Under the Trust, a number of off-the-field mistakes were made – mostly by the MD at the time – such as a suicidal loan deal that gave another company debenture over our bank account, counting sponsorships twice in the budget, and others.

    Under 2015, by comparison, our problems were entirely on the pitch, beginning with the appointment of Paul Simpson (in retrospect, County really should have checked with his previous clubs as to why he left). You simply can’t compare those who made simple business mistakes with those were very carefully managed the business side of things.

    The Mike Newton thing is quite wrong, too. For all the desperation of most shareholders to sell their shares to absolutely anyone, Newton never made an offer. Simply a timewaster, and County aren’t the first club he’s done that to. The new John Batchelor, if you will.

    The question of shareholders is the main issue with County. In the summer of 2010, if somebody hadn’t taken over we’d have been thrown out of the League (or at least given a huge points deduction). The people behind 2015 didn’t have the funds to do so, so got others to invest – meaning the majority of shareholders were people who held no affinity to the club but were sold the idea of success. Because of the poor choice of manager, the team suffered heavily, and shareholders wanted out quickly.

    At least Brian Kennedy told John Batchelor to do one when he came sniffing around in 2005, as he knew he was bad news. Don’t be misled by that Vann email – the current shareholders don’t give a toss, as shown by their willingness to palm the club off to this next lot.

  6. Mark Murphy says:


    You may contend. I’m grateful for the shoves in the right direction.

    I accept your points about te differing nature and scale of the problems from the Trust era and from the “Snape” era. I just recall Snape being very sniffy about the Trust and giving out the impression that he could have done better and would do better. I don’t think he’s a hypocrite. Sorry if that was the impression.

    On Newton, I just noted the timing of his “interes” and his comment about relegated clubs (in March), which emphasised just how badly relegated County were. He seems like a “tyre-kicker” to me too.

    Your last two paras are a very helpful perspective. How many shareholders are there? I’d assumed it was not a much larger group than the board(s).

    Thanks for the steers. And, assuming you are a County fan, very best wishes for the forthcoming season.

  7. Sean says:

    I think there are 12 separate shareholdings, no-one with overall control. The Gibbons’s resigned from the board but still have their shares.

    And thank you for your wishes, but unfortunately amongst County fans there seems to be a resignated feeling of enjoying it while it lasts (many fans have got in into their heads that we’d have gone bust next year anyway), and so are looking forward to County spending our way to oblivion.

  8. freemanhuyton says:

    You should ask my Evans Why he was selling forged football kits and selling them on ebay around 2005 and also about his ciggeret smuggleing and his dodgy claims for accident claims all known in his local aerea in Huyton liverpool.

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