It’s Official: England Are The Fourth Best National Team In The World


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5 Responses

  1. Tim Vickerman says:

    I can only assume the ranking takes into account player transfer fees…

  2. Mark T says:

    Why are Brazil and Argentina lower than England?

    Its because the last Copa America is now so long ago the results don’t count for much. They are still counted as they are within the four year cycle but are included at heavily discounted rates.

    This is what is wrong.

    If you are going to use a rolling calendar then you can’t discount older results, they should get replaced by the new ones on a like for like basis.

    When the Copa America is played and Brazil and Argentina win some games with Confederation status they will go up the rankings as they replace the previous Copa America results but without the time discount.

    Thus we can see England are 4th simply because the rankings are calculated right before the Copa America and are distorted by that timing!

  3. David Howell says:

    Best summary of the nonsense of these FIFA rankings? – which applies a modification of the chess rating system to football teams – is “temporarily suspended due to overtraffic”.

    No wonder.

    Wikipedia got the figures before the site crashed, though, and states England are sixth by this metric, with the top five being Spain – Netherlands – Brazil – Germany – Argentina.

    (Hilariously, but not necessarily good hilariously, the womens’ rankings also use a modified Elo formula.)

  4. Al Thomson says:

    David Howell the chess player, perchance?

  5. Ben says:

    I don’t think the ranking system is half as bad as people are suggesting.

    For a start, it’s right that the ranking is based on results rather than the actual quality of the teams. It’s not the ranking system’s fault, for example, that Argentina’s results have been so poor.

    Then we look to the teams that should ‘obviously’ be ahead of England. Italy were worse in the last World Cup than England and thoroughly deserve to be lower. Argentina were such a shambles in qualifying that they too deserve to be lower. Portugal? Again quite shockingly poor during the last qualifying campaign.

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