You Want A Conspiracy Theory? I’ll Give You A Conspiracy Theory


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4 Responses

  1. Gabriel says:

    Exactly. The loss must be crushing for Chelsea players and fans, and that has blinded many of them into looking for a scapegoat. Abidal’s red card due to Anelka tripping himself, the penalty kick on Henry that wasn’t called in the 1st leg, and the fact that Ballack somehow wasn’t sent off over the two games clearly undermine any conspiracy theory.
    And finally, someone who knows about the actual rules that everyone should know… Thanks, it’s refreshing to not have to read people’s reactions about how “obvious” and “blatant” the Piqué and Eto’o handballs were, when they were quite clearly not deliberate, and that’s all that matters.
    I’ll give 2 other PKs that should have been called, and yes, the ref didn’t have the balls to call them, but over two legs that makes 2 uncalled PKs against 1 and a made-up red card. Pretty even for a conspiracy. If you don’t make an effort to get an away goal, and then fail to finish a 10-man team at home, you only have yourself to blame.

  2. Allan says:

    What is sad is that we have had until today to listen to some sober comentary over this tosh. Firstly an excellent column by Ian Bell in todays Sunday Herald (“Where Did The Beautiful Game Go?”), deploring the behaviour and ignorance of the Chelsea players. Secondly by the excellent post above.

  3. Chris Cheetham says:

    What complete nonsense this conspiracy talk is. Unbelievable how people fall for the propaganda of the big clubs. Chelsea were a little unlucky that’s all and lack the dignity to accept the result. Anybody see Gillingham v Rochdale last night? Gillingham’s first goal was the direct result of a “handball” by a Gillingham forward very much like the Piquet incident. This was a very big game for Rochdale. Keith Hill’s reaction? He said that his defenders should have done better and played on rather than appeal/complain. How about Bury v Shrewsbury? Bury had a stonewall penalty (clearer than any of Chelsea’s) turned down minutes before the end of extra time. That cost Bury a place in the Play-Off Final and possible promotion. It happens all the time and most clubs accept it with good grace, why can’t Chelsea? Didier Drogba missed two golden opportunities to score over the two legs. How come he isn’t getting the blame for Chelsea’s exit? You’d have thought that after the Anders Frisk debacle they’d have learnt some humility at the Bridge. Apparently not.

  4. I personally feel it all a huge cover up.

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