The Twohundredpercent Vault: Steel City Blues

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Our summer trawl through the Twohundredpercent vaults continues with this video on the decline of Sheffield football.

More than a decade before “The Full Monty”, the decline of the city of Sheffield and the effect of the collapse of the city’s steel industry was already well documented. This week’s Video Of The Week goes back to 1984. “Steel City Blues” traces the decline of the city and ties it together with Sheffield Wednesday’s attempts to get back into the First Division for the first time since 1970. The previous decade and a half had been a tough one for Wednesday, with the club having fallen into the Third Division and having only narrowly avoided relegation into the Fourth Division in 1976, but they managed to get promotion back in 1980 under Jack Charlton and almost made the FA Cup Final from Division Two in 1983. This film, in three ten minute parts, is a time piece that tells a story of industrial and sporting decline, but also manages to end on a positive note.

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