Ebbsfleet On The Brink?


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4 Responses

  1. Steve Fair says:

    I’m a member of MyFC and am quite involved with the club since becoming so. It’s true that financial difficulties have reared their head – the playing budget is now low and I wonder if Liam Daish will stick around. That said, we’re the only club whose finances are so easily known with such rapidity. I’d be surprised if many BSP clubs aren’t in a similar situation. Going part-time is less than perfect, but it’s preferable to closing the doors. The club costs nearly a million pounds a year to run. Nearly all football clubs will have to look at their finances and begin existing with a budget that is sustainable longer term.

  2. Bob says:

    I wonder how many accounting ‘mistakes’ have been made since MyFC took control. It was doomed to fail right from the start.

    Mr Brooks has done okay out of it though!!


  3. GraemeAl says:

    I’m a MyFC member. Of the 20,000 members that left, most put their first years fees in before we had bought a club. Most had fanciful ideas we were going to buy Leeds or Man Utd or some other league club. The 10,000 left are all fully committed to the club, wherever it ends up.
    As for as stating ‘It was doomed to fail’ – what do you define a success or a failure for a non-league club? I would state that continuing survival as a club, and zero debt constitutes a success.
    Over the next year I think we will see some lower/non league clubs go bust. Ebbsfleet will not be one of them.

    Up the Fleet.

  4. weenie says:

    “The ongoing saga of Ebbsfleet United and My Football Club has long been a favourite chosen subject of this site.”

    It always sounds like you are willing the demise of MyFootballClub but , we know you are secretly hoping it’ll all work out or otherwise you’ll have nothing to write about!

    What football club hasn’t got cash problems? Manchester City maybe?

    As Graeme says, the vastly reduced membership now consists of people who have EUFC at heart. We voted to keep Daish, we voted to reject recent offers on Darius Charles and Michael Gash.

    MyFC have many initiatives going on to raise funds for the club, including Friends of the Fleet (people who have set up monthly donations to the club).

    It’s going to be a tough season with the low budget but it’s not all doom and gloom!

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