Shit Shot Mungo: Episode 13

Shit Shot Mungo: Episode 13

By on Apr 30, 2009 in Art, Mungo | 1 comment

It’s time for your weekly dose of Mungo. This week, with the Scottish giants perilously close to being relegated, the club’s eccentric, magnet magnate chairman takes radical action which may not prove to be as successful as he would hope. Scribbling, as ever, is by the effervescent Dotmund, and you can embiggenate it here. For the record, I will be fiddling with the code on here tonight in advance of a completely new look for the start of next season, so you may find that it occasionally looks a bit strange here. I will try and keep the upset to a minimum, though.

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    1 Comment

  1. Best episode yet!

    The final frame is the finest of the strip so far, I reckon… Keep it coming!


    May 3, 2009

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