Rushden Expelled From The Football Conference


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28 Responses

  1. Terry says:

    Ah, from being an MK Dons affiliate to being a supporter owned club ressurected from the bottom à la AFC Wimbledon. This bit might hurt a bit Rushden fans but it’s purgatory.
    You have this football fan’s support and best wishes for your future

  2. Andy says:

    Great shame. Another example of over an ambitious club overstretching itself. Winning and success is all important? Time to re-assess. Play the game for sake of sport. Withdraw money from the over paid players and return to the corinthian spirit that has been so dearly lost to a wonderful game.

  3. Rob says:

    Sorry but when have we been an MK Dons affiliate? The only dealings I know we’ve had with MK Dons are a friendly a couple of years ago. That’s hardly an affiliation, that’s just going about the business of pre-season…

  4. MG says:

    Rushden are a supporters trust club, were given a debt free club and a decent ground in 2005 by Max Greggs and they have royally screwed up…this is the kind of thing Dave Boyle gets paid to stop, still when your busy texting….I mean fighting right wing papers….

  5. AB says:

    If the answer is not none, please inform how much compensation Worcester received when i) they were transferred from north to south, or ii) from south to north.

  6. mike garnett says:

    My deepest sympathies go to the innocent parties – partcularly the R&D fans and all connected with Bishop’s Stortford. That club really has to receive some substantial form of compensation in advance of the new season – preferably through the Blue Square League.

  7. gazza says:

    Speak to Keith cousins – the ex chairman, he will tell you the real reason why the club is on the brink of collapse

  8. james says:

    sadly this club was set up with no fan base and will never have a big fan base or be successful good ridence and hopefully mk dons will be next to go bust

  9. Jabba the gut says:

    MG –

    Rushden are not a “Supporter’s Trust Club” They were owned by RDFCST, but only for about a year or two five years ago. Calder took over in 2006 and It has since been transferred to a new owner – as you might have realised, had you bothered to read the excellent article above, instead of pursing your own agenda against Supporters Direct, notwithstanding the stupididty of Dave Berry’s recent outburst.

    In fact I think you’ll find that the fatal debt was entirely accrued under the tenure of private owners, as is so often the case.

    Still, don’t let the facts get in the way of your anti-fan ownership story.

  10. Very sad to see them go and I feel for their fans who are as usual blameless

  11. On a persoal note though, pleased to see Southport back as it is a good trip for Wrexham fans

  12. Rob says:

    As a Barrow fan, I have .little sympathy for Bishops S or Worcester? They only now face the same costs that Blyth and Workington have to face thanks to geography. In fact I bet their mileage is still lower than Workington’s

  13. Nathan says:

    Couldn’t happen to two nicer clubs…

  14. Nathan says:

    Well done MG. Have a pop at Dave Boyle at his lowest ebb. That will really help Rushden and engender sympathy…

  15. Kentrebel says:

    I can’t see why Thurrock weren’t offered the reprieve on the basis that they took the Northern slot. It seems that Stortford end up being punished for R&Ds demise

  16. Hayley says:

    I’m so over the moon about Southport having a reprieve. But We’re all thinking of Rushden supporters, we’d be unbelievably selfish if we wer’nt.

  17. Michael says:

    as agreed. All Port fans are thinking about RandD but at the same time, we’re exactic about our reprieve.

  18. corynn says:

    @Football souveners. What do you mean its a good trip for wrexham fans?

  19. corynn says:

    southport are bookys faves to finish 5th from bottom next season..that’ll suit us!

  20. Carl says:

    as a luton fan, im happy for southport

  21. southport fan says:

    you all have our support. Me and my girlfriend hope for your future that you’ll come straight back up again, best wishes

  22. olliver says:


  23. Rob says:

    @Jabba: In 2006 Keith Cousins took us over, not Calder. Calder was part of the group that took over from Cousins in December 2010 with the Beasants. He then resigned in January once he saw what the Beasants were doing to the club. Just to correct you.

  24. DT00271 says:

    Am I the only one on here torn between sympathy for Rushden fans and a desire to see the same thing happen to Crawley Town a few years from now? Very few Crawley supporters (at least among those who post on this or other websites) seem inclined to ask where the money’s coming from or what happens when it runs out.

  25. jabba the gut ecfc says:

    Rob – Thanks for that.

    If I’m correct Cousens originally loaned money to the Trust to cover the losses incurred when you dropped out of the League, didn’t he? I understand that until that happened the Trust had actually run a largely debt-free club.

    I don’t know who MG is, so I’ll assume he is an ordinary supporter who has an issue with fan ownership. I have noticed a few on various boards, bizarrely citing the case of R & D as supposed evidence the fan-owned model doesn’t work.

    In my experience (we even have the odd one at Exeter City) they generally tend to labour under the fantasy that some myhtical billionaire is just waiting to take their club to the promised land of the PL and see fan ownership as throwing a bucket of water on those (pipe) dreams.

    They’ll learn.

  26. Elle says:

    i agree with Rob. But c’mon guys, lets not have a fight over a computor screen. what’s done is done.

  27. lutonhailxnxka says:

    wooooo happy for southport

  28. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    DT00271 – this is exactly what will happen to Crawley, but probably over a shorter timescale.

    By the way, I seem to recall that R&D spent a lot of time cosying up to the Bletchley Stealers last year, I notice that they’re keeping their distance …

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