A Great Leap Forward For Rotherham United’s Return Home


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8 Responses

  1. MG says:

    As a Rotherhoam bred boy good luck to them but this article would have been better wriiten by someone closer to the supporters than is evident here.

  2. unitedite says:

    When you drive through Rotherham from Sheffield (as I did on Monday) it is rather strange to see the floodlights of Millmoor over to your left, with it’s half finished main stand still there, unused now for 3 years. At roughly the same point and over to your right is the Guest and Chrimes site awaiting clearance for the new stadium. It is in a great position and hopefully the project will start to move forward now.

    I haven’t been to watch football at DVS, but having seen several Super League Rugby games there in the past it is not a venue for any sport other than athletics. Hopefully the move will have the same impact on attendances and onfield success as near neighbours Chesterfield.

  3. Interesting to see council assistance in paying for ROtherham’s new ground (albeit only by a loan) In the current climate that is quite a bold move and hopefully other councils follow suit for clubs in trouble

  4. Nathan says:

    Another Team Taxpayer I see.

    I hope the local council realise they are just subsidising over-paid footballer’s wages.

  5. NC says:

    I have read the article twice and have yet to see the expression ‘financial doping’ which would nicely summarise Rotherham United’s largesse over the past couple of seasons with their taste for £100k+ signings.

  6. Micky F says:

    “Rotherham United’s woes were amongst the most severe that any Football League club have suffered in recent years”. I think most Luton fans would argue our woes were far worse as we had to start on -30 points when Rotherham started on -17 points. That free kick from the F.A./Football league helped them to keep their league status and as NC has pointed out they don’t seemed to have learnt from their past mistakes.

  7. Richard says:

    Rotherham Council may also be influenced by the fact that their newly built offices will be immediately adjacent to the new stadium.

    Incidentally, even in spite of this loan, the local paper is still reporting there is a funding gap of £2.3 million for the stadium.

  8. Mick R says:

    Knowing Rotherham as I do I have a feeling that there will be a rise in support as ambitions have been relayed around the Town and with all the excitement arousing Intrest and with the right attitude of the Management and team , and without forgetting to mention Mr Tony Stewart Rotherham will finally put them selves on the Map of history.
    Good luck to all.

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