The Mark Hughes’ Career Path Turns Into A Cul-de-Sac


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4 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    I think people in the UK should note that overseas fans do not have the loyalty you expect of fellow UK fans!

    In Hong Kong I know several locals who change their teams regularly, the amount of spurs shirts with CL badges on this year was crazy, I’d never seen as many before and I would expect that next season many more city shirts will be on show…

    I even saw a guy on the metro with a Liverpool shirt and man Utd shorts on – a sight you would never see in the UK. Really for some people it is more like a brand name than a club identity – like choosing nike or adidas trainers.

    If you have a player in your team from an Asian country the interest from their home country goes through the roof, that’s the closest you can get to a local tie. The new Liverpool owners may actually be on the right lines…

    Even though Li Tie played for Everton many years ago I still get asked about him when I wear my Everton shirt!

  2. Chopper says:

    Loyalty is a subjective thing in football, it wasn’t that long ago we were calling for Hughes’ head and now we’re up in arms about the way that he’s left. I think he has acted poorly and probably was never 100% commited to us from day one.

    However, in some ways maybe he’s been more honest in leaving now when his contract allows it rather than wait for a job offer and leave us in a worse state.

    That won’t stop me laughing long and loud if he ends up falling on his face.

  3. The Shaker says:

    This has all been very messy for Hughes as at the time he announced his resignation both Chelsea and Villa jobs were available. Chelsea would have been his first choice but that now looks like its going to Hiddink so he would have settled for Villa which now looks as though Martinez will take over. Maybe he will come out and avoid the “egg on face” situation and do an Ancelotti and take a year out

  1. June 4, 2011

    […] Mark Hughes Career path turns into a cul-de-sac : Twohundredpercent […]

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