Prices Go Through The Roof At Loftus Road, And The Supporters Follow


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18 Responses

  1. david2304 says:

    fans raped again by their club

  2. trueyorxman says:

    Q-P-ha-ha-ha-har! They’ll be lucky to get 25pts. Fuck the Prem, Championships where we belong…end of. MOT, We are Leeds, we know our limits

  3. Jason says:

    Well put Ian–QPR will need those supporters they have priced out or angered by this decision over time. It seems they have put form to the saying “bite the hand that feeds you.”

  4. Johnny C says:

    Am I the only person who thinks the verb “raped” as used by David 2304 is not the most appropriate here? Every sympathy with QPR fans but being priced out of the match is not the same as being forced to have sex against your will…

  5. Grumpy says:

    Trueyorxman, if there is anything which makes me feel embarrassed about being a Yorkshire man and a Leeds supporter, it’s comments like yours. Perhaps you should change your name to ‘Truefool’. (It’s easier to spell than Yorkshire man and no-one would know where you’re from),

  6. K Clarke says:

    @Johnny C – Well, there are different degrees of rape, you see…

    At least QPR fans are getting ’boutique’ football for their money under Mr Warnock…oh.

  7. Ron G says:

    Owners don’t care who is in the crowd. Just look at Chelsea, Arsenal & Man U – half of their grounds are filled with Chinese tourists. Do you think any of these guys made their money because they care? Just boo them when they take their seats for the opening game.

  8. david2304 says:

    johnny c if you dont like it let me know when youre in leeds. f****d against your will equaals rape sonny. wets like you ruin football

  9. yeboah says:

    Just for the record, sound minded Leeds fans do exist. I sympathise with QPR fans, the latest in a long line of loyal supporters shown minimal respect by their clubs ownwers. Leeds fans take note!!I quite fancy QPR to survive in the prem. Good footballing side with promising players a good manager and team spirit. Best of luck to you.

  10. Paull says:

    Loyalty in football is very much a one way street. Fans show it clubs do not. When I began to watch in the 60’s football was a game for the working man (or woman). Now unfortunately it’s a commodity to be exploited, like any other, by the greedy and the corrupt. Best wishes to the genuine QPR fans, hope you get your club back soon MOT.

  11. Not from the Midlands says:

    I am afraid to comment for fear of being cast as a smug AFC Wimbledon fan who will be paying the same next season as this season.

    Protest, kick up a stink. Just don’t take it lying down.

  12. oldlufc says:

    I sympathise will all football fans who are being ‘fleece’ by unscrupulous owners, in this case QPR. The main benefit to fans of being in the Premiership is that you will be able to see your favourite team on TV a lot more, so make a stand, choose your games and if necessary stay at home and flatly refuse to pay these ridiculously inflated prices.

    I also know as a Leeds fan, that we can expect exactly the same treatment on price increases if we are successful in gaining promotion to the Premership.

  13. Barold says:

    Was david2304 just threatening to rape johnny c there?

    It’s always the angry ones…

  14. kruador says:

    Despite the vast increase in TV money, the clubs joining the Premier League haven’t had the benefit of it for the last n years and they also don’t get it straight away. The basic fund is paid in three instalments over the season, the facility fund as the club appears on TV (presumably paid in arrears as well) and the prize money at the end of the season when places are worked out. Usually the club will be scraping the bottom of the coffers but be expected to pay outrageous transfer fees. The only potential source of income to tap is the season ticket holders. For QPR it’s more extreme than most because the ground is so small.

    If they don’t start paying out stupid transfer fees, numerous fans will accuse the board of a lack of ambition and refuse to renew. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  15. Mylo_82 says:

    Am I the only one who is struggling to understand the attention QPR ticket prices are getting? I’d just like to point out that the cheapest season ticket at QPR next season will be £549. The cheapest at Leeds is £612! Why is everyone moaning about QPR? Try paying more having to watch Barnsley on a cold, wet October eve! STOP MOANING!! MOT

  16. Paul D says:

    So, just because you’re being ripped off by Bates (no surprise there then), it’s OK for QPR fans to get ripped off by their board too?

    And, as you’re “struggling to understand” the attention, it’s because they’ve hiked prices by 40%, an attention-grabbing figure in anyone’s estimate. And in doing so, have priced out many of the loyal fans who’ve stuck with them throughout the lean years in favour (they hope) of fly-by-night, but well-heeled, fashion fans who’ll drop the club like a hot potato as soon as times get tough again. Which part of that did you struggle with?

  17. mylo_82 says:

    Yeah, you’re probably right, QPR probably need a few minutes in the spot light. I forget other fans aren’t as devoted to their club as Leeds supporters. I didn’t think you could put a price on loyalty and passion, but here we are….

  18. Paul D says:

    Wow, that’s some real hardcore smugness you’ve got going on there. No wonder Leeds are so universally well-liked

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