Singing The Blues: When Is A Conspiracy Theory Not A Conspiracy Theory?

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9 Responses

  1. SJ Maskell says:

    Reading this evokes such strong deja-vu … All through the ‘crisis’ at Pompey, throughout the last two years, this was the litany of a certain section of fans – that THEY (whoever this conglomorate were) just had it in for ‘little’ Pompey.

    There is an urgent need for all fans to look beyond the situation at their own clubs and realise that this is Football’s problem, not the media or rival fans or so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ trying to drum up a story.

  2. Peter says:


    So what are you trying to say? If you removed your claret and blue glasses before getting to your keyboard, perhaps you could write a piece that made a valid point. Not so long ago, Villa were in danger of ending in the position Birmingham have ended up. Thety steadied the ship thanks to paying a huge fee for a striker thats scores goals, but if he fancies a move next year the Holte End may well have more concerns than they had this season. BTW the Evening Mail always tries to remain neutral Villa, Baggies and Blues but IMHO they have a bias towards the Villa

  3. baloos says:

    I think the crisis at Portsmouth is a little different to that of Birmingham’s.
    Pompey were well over £100m in debt, Birmingham about £30m. £30m could be wiped out with the sale of 3 or 4 players. Ceratinly selling a couple of players would cover the £7m shortfall?

    Of course, Birmingham’s finances are not all rosy but I think the comparisons to Portsmouth and column inches Birmingham have received is a little over the top.

    Oh, by the way, Birmingham would only ever have qualified for Europe by beating Arsenal in the final. If Arsenal had won the Carling Cup the Europa spot would have gone to the 6th placed team in the Premier League so maybe the reports as soon as the semi final draw was made were a little premature. Very few pundits would have backed Birmingham to beat West Ham in the semis then Arsenal in the final so it was unlikely to have become an issue. Credit to them that they made it an issue by winning the competition.

  4. SW says:

    Why don’t you Birmingham fans get your heads out of the sand and try to address the financial issues raised instead of bleating about bias towards your club?

  5. SJ Maskell says:

    Good grief – Quod erat demonstrandum!

  6. Paul Homer says:

    When will people report the facts,
    It is BIH that are 35 million in debt, this is a new company that is buying a number of new businesses. BCFC are actually in the black, who said, Mr Peter Pannu. The 7 million loan by Carson is the usual thing that happens in football, it was repaid when we recieved the 10 million TV money in January

  7. Ian says:

    In the case of Southampton – and Birmingham City are now members of the Football League again – it was the holding company that went into administration, leading to the club being docked ten points. To put it another way, the Football League may take a view that holding company is one and the same thing as the club that it owns.

    And, Peter. Mark supports Kingstonian, and not Aston Villa.

  8. Not from the Midlands says:

    Basically Birningham have cheated. they have spent money they haven’t got/didn’t have.

    Don’t blame anyone but the team you support. You enjoyed cup success, like pompey on the back of overspending. Spending money you didn’t have. Simple.

  9. I find it curious that this piece comes from the same “Mark” who made clear his opinion that Celtic were systematically persecuted by the Scottish authorities and media. Apparently in the Premier League there is no smoke without fire, whereas in Scotland all commentary on football teams is a result of fanatical anti-Catholic prejudice.

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