Match Of The Week: Luton Town 3-2 Scunthorpe United


Ian began writing Twohundredpercent in May 2006. He lives in Brighton. He has also written for, amongst others, Pitch Invasion, FC Business Magazine, The Score, When Saturday Comes, Stand Against Modern Football and The Football Supporter. Ian was the first winner of the Socrates Award For Not Being Dead Yet at the 2010 NOPA awards for football bloggers.

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10 Responses

  1. matt the hatt says:

    Superb article, well done.
    Luton Town will never die.

  2. DavefromLuton says:

    Thanks for that – a good well-balanced article.
    I have been a regular Luton supporter since 1955 and yesterday was one of the happiest days of my football life. However like many of the 40,000 I am disgusted at the way we have been treated over the points deduction. The 20 points from the Football League I can understand; the 10 from the FA is totally beyond me. As has been said many times before the offence was a technical one committed by a man with no remaining connection with the club. Those actions had no bearing on any results or any other team unlike Tevez and West Ham. WE got -10 points yet West Ham got a fine. A points deduction it was said would have been unfair to the fans!
    Try explaining the FA logic to the 40,000 Luton fans there yesterday

  3. John S says:

    Thanks for this well balanced assesment.
    We always seem to be more harshly treated. Our MOM on Sunday was the Captain Kevin Nicholls. Last week (leading up to the final) he was banned for 5 games for “inciting the crowd” which I believe involved him conducting the crowd as they sang. Contrast with Wayne Rooney who can throw a ball in anger, punch a corner flag, be called a crazy man by the England manager, and receive no more than a warning. Drogba throws a coin into the crowd(allegedly) and only receives a 3 match ban.

    Of course FA/FL are too scared to impose the same disipline on Abromovich or Ferguson, so I guess we suffer as soft targets. So we enter the final games, bashed by points deductions, ridiculous suspensions, and the Daily Express yesterday saying that Lord Mawhinney did not know about the FL points deduction when he imposed the additional FA points deduction. Obviously oblivious to the plight of the teams in the league which he heads!! TO add insutl to injury this points deduction was agreed by a committee, members of which included the Chariman of Barnet FC, a team who will iikely escape relegation, simply because they supported our points deduction. Crazy world, but supporting the Hatters for 42 years, I’ve got used to it :-)

    Someboby definitely doesnt like us, but we are now a well run club, and we wil be back stronger than ever.

  4. Spicemaster says:

    “It is fifty years since Luton Town made their first appearance at Wembley, and twenty years since they lost the League Cup final.”

    CORRECTION: We WON the League Cup in 1988 beating Arsenal. We have now have two Wembley trophys to our name – League Cup and Football League cup.

  5. admin says:

    I’m aware of that. Luton did lose the 1989 League Cup Final though, didn’t they? Because that was the match that I was referring to.

  6. Ken L. Worth says:

    A great article which gives an impartial and honest account (albeit lacking in the finer details!) of the troubles Luton Town has had to endure recently. It is nice to see that there is an acknowledgement of our problems along with our victory and I commend the author for reminding all those who support teams that are not part of the Premiership Glory Boy Club that the footballing authorities in this country have no regard to the fortunes of club with a proud and long history. Their agenda now seems simply to allow smaller clubs to die off (sometimes giving a helping hand in this respect, as in our case) to enable a smaller, more profitable form of footballing league setup to come into being.
    Beware, your club could be next.

  7. Julia Page says:

    The proudest day as a Luton fan…
    Absolutely brilliant, nerve racking, great football.
    Up the Mighty Hatters!!!!

  8. Gervillian Swike says:

    Just a quick word about the match itself – fantastic. In particular, the quality of the goals – from both sides – was excellent. Thorouhly enjoyable stuff, and the elation on the face and in the voice of Nick Owen at the end was wonderful to see, the sort of joy you only get with real fans. Luton have been fucked over this season, but I hope Nick Owen’s view that this kind of performance will attract players to Luton will be born out, and that they’ll return next season.

  9. Bryan C. Hertford says:

    A wonderful report that just about gets it all so right. It is a pity that the national press and other sections of the media had not used their influence better. They know the rights and wrongs of the situation. I am sure there would have been a different outcome if they had not chosen to ignore Luton’s plight. How can a club who has been in the FL so long be allowed to be drummed out in such a manner. The evidence was dubious and never warranted such a points deduction (which actually totalled 40). Maybe they would now like add some on as a reward for the dignified manner the directors, management, players and fans conducted themselves on Sunday.
    The day proved to be everything Luton could have wished for. Actually it was of the finest games I have seen at Wembley.

  10. Kev Austin says:

    Great article, Great Day as well for us Luton fans and also a great spectacle for the neutral fans. As a Luton fan I hope the press asks the League whether we can defend our trophy next season also you forgot to mention our under 11 team who won the Euro cup beating Bayern Munich 3-2 which was a fantastic result and one which we also will not be able to defend unless someone puts pressure on the powers that be. We have been picked on for many years now and have had to put up with the points deduction, people opposing any plans for a new stadium and also a franchise team being setup 15 miles up the road in Milton Keynes but we will get stronger and we will be back better than ever.

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