Arcady Gaydamak, The Israeli Connection and PFC.

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  1. Mick Robertson says:

    Thanks for this precis of events leading to Pompey’s plight. Capitalism isn’t doing too well as an economic model just now and it is dismaying that football clubs can be so abused in the murky world of business transaction. Supposedly respectable and powerful rich speculators, tempting to call them cheats and thieves, using off shore companies and the best legal and financial advice money can buy to manipulate a simple leisure pastime. Can’t be hopeful that the capitalists running the game will ever make it easy to disentangle football and business.
    Please continue to inform.

  1. January 24, 2012

    […] Arcady Gaydamak in the Israeli courts, operating as Falcondrone. (This is covered in more detail here and here.) Fans’ suspicions were aroused within ten days of the takeover by the fact that the Al […]

  2. May 20, 2012

    […]  been any engagement between Chainrai and Gaydamak, the club being subjected to what seems to be a long running feud between the two men. You have to ask if there is ever going to be any chance of development at […]

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