Plymouth Argyle: The Club With The Unknown Owners

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9 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    At some point surely the authorities are going to take a closer look at the activities of these administrators? If they had done so at Leeds things might have panned out very differently for this “new” owner of theirs.

  2. Si says:

    Superbly written article.

  3. wolf says:

    By all accounts creditors are increasingly unhappy at the way large sums of money are going missing at football clubs.

  4. popeyethetim says:

    Absolutely cracking article – and btw a cracking website which I have just discovered. Leading edge, guys.

  5. Mike Boyle says:

    A real cracker.

  6. Rob P says:

    A well written artical, I feel more mileage in this one, is the SFO having a little look me wonders ?

  7. Jannerchick says:

    As a fan of the Pilgrims since childhood I’ve been through many highs and lows (mainly lows) but this one is a nightmare. We had Ridsdale saying “trust me”, Gardiner saying “I don’t do failure” (really?) and now Brendan “I know what I’m doing” Guilfoyle saying he’s got a preferred bidder but he isn’t sure who they are – more importantly do THEY know who they are? The true fans, ie the ones who turn up every week good or bad as opposed to those who don’t go and now say what a shame that we are in such a state, have long thought it’s a consortium funded by the old board members but with new faces fronting it (the old board wouldn’t pass the F.A.s rules on running a club). Also, the old board when questioned on how much debt we had they said “they didn’t know” Rob P, in answer to your question I really hope so.

  8. Jannerchick says:

    Today’s joyous news is that the Irish Consortium of property developers will buy the club and the land surrounding Home Park and then sell the club to Peter Ridsdale for “a nominal fee” – all I can say is “Oh dear”. I guess this purchase will also depend on the outcome of the court case in July where he will be on trial for alleged fraudulent activities. The irony of a new owner taking over the club then being jailed and thus we need another new owner is just too awful to think about

  9. Pete says:

    “In a statement Ridsdale said: “This is not a transaction that I sought or contemplated but, if it is the only route to guarantee a future for Plymouth Argyle Football Club, it is a route that I am prepared to take.”

    Reality takes a holiday in south Devon…

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