Dealing With Troublesome Supporters 101: Wrexham


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6 Responses

  1. Gervillian Swike says:

    I can’t believe the current owners are so naive as to think that passing 80% of the club to property developers will safeguard the club’s future, not with all the disastrous cases of the last 10 years. Notts County, Bury, York City, Wimbledon…and indeed Wrexham. No wonder the Supporters Trust is concerned. This sounds like sharp practice, satisfying the personal interests of a few unscrupulous individuals – again.

  2. Jonah Mann says:

    I think its a case of once bitten for their fans. They are quite rightly cautious when dealing with the new owners plans and I am absolutely staggered to read that the club owner wont sell just 10% shares in the club for £350,000!!!!! Thats the amount the supporters trust have and are willing to invest in the club in return for the shareholding. thats a massive amount of cash for a league one type club, never mind a conference team.
    It does beg the question, do the owners have a plan to assett strip?

  3. The uncertainty for the future amongst the fans is understandable. Comments directed at the supporters trust have been scandelous, sadly the local press prints them whereas the response from the trust is invariabley ignored.

  4. I am a WST member and I am staggered that the club can attack a supporters group that probably account for 20% of its fanbase. If they answered relevant questions instead of slagging THEIR CUSTOMERS off we would have a lot more confidence in their long term plans.

  5. Dave Bryant says:

    I for one totally back the board and find it hard that a neutral can take the side of the WST, without really looking into what is going on.

    Without the current board, there wouldn’t even be a Wrexham FC. The chairman has bankrolled too numerous to mention signings, but still the WST want to get rid of him. All of this is because he won’t sell them any shares in the club. The question on my lips is…. why the hell should he have to sell shares to them.

    It’s about time that the WST board either backed our board who are trying to put the club on a proper footing or went and supported another club. Maybe they’d like to go and support Cefn Druids who are selling their ground. Maybe they could start attacking their board instead.

    The way the WST are behaving, they deserve to be slagged off and long may it continue as long as they behave like idiots.

  6. Scott Moreton says:

    Dave Bryant should read the supplied literature before opening his big laptop. However I imagine he/she is a WUM who may have followed a link from redpassion website.
    Lets not hijack this decent site please

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