Bates’ Caterwauling Doesn’t Disguise Questions That Should Be Answered

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4 Responses

  1. SJ Maskell says:

    Just when are the football authorities going to work out that all these things can’t be coincidences? And when are they going to stop passing people who take football clubs into administration as ‘fit and proper’ and prevent them from regaining control of those same clubs?

    And when will we stop having to ask obvious questions to which everyone knows the answers, but pretends they don’t?

    This is so close to the Pompey situation it just needs a loan shark and a few foreign owners in tax havens thrown in …. (oops)

  2. Mark says:

    If you read the comments at the bottom of David Conn’s Guardian article then it is clear that many Leeds fans care not a jot about how Bates has connived his way to full ownership. They are prepared to forgive him his faults simply because the club is still intact and that Bates has managed not to bankrupt them (as he has done withe several previous businesses).

  3. Mark Murphy says:


    I think you’re right. A lot of Leeds fans do feel that way. I think most fans still do forgive faults for the reasons you describe. You’ve hit a nail on a head there.

    From the comments at the bottom of the Guardian article (including the ones which have now been moderated out of existence for daring to suggest a certain continuity at Leeds), a lot of fans do care a jot. But it is almost impossible from my relatively distant standpoint to gauge whether a majority care a jot or don’t. So I won’t make any claims one way or the other.

    A lot of the Guardian comments refer to Conn re-hashing old material. But these questions about Bates’ recent past need “re-hashing” because they are legal questions with consequences, they remain unanswered and therefore they must continue to be asked.

  4. Steve says:

    I can only hope that David Conn and this excellent site keep up the pressure because it is an absolute certainty that the football authorities will do nothing to uphold their own rules.

    The Ken Bates business model won’t change and at some point in the not too distant future the Leeds fans with their heads in the sand will owe people like Conn a massive apology. No disrespect to the Leeds fans who are prepared to see through his bluster, but while Bates remains in charge I can never feel that Leeds have suffered enough.

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