Match Of The Midweek: St Albans City 0-0 AFC Wimbledon


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5 Responses

  1. Ron Ipstone says:

    It is hyperbole to suggest that the Dorchester home game for AFC is ‘must win’ or has a ‘must win’ air about it. AFC has 12 matches left to play and its rivals have 13. Its nearest rival is 6 points adrift. The mathematics is that AFC have to accumulate more points in the remaining games of the season with a 6 point start and with one less game to accumulate those points. No game will be ‘must win’ until the mathematics determine otherwise.

    I would imagine that AFC and its many supporters at Kingstonian’s ground will be happy with a 1-1 draw against Dorchester.

  2. Jertzee says:

    12 matches??? I think you’ll find only 42 matches are played in the BSS. We have 8 left, 5 at home and 3 away.

    Now, I would still rather be where we are than anyone else.

    Let’s hope for the sake of football and fairness that those cheating, diving, injury feigning, referee baiting beavers come unstuck first.

  3. WombleNick says:

    He also said ‘”Must win” air about it’

    Considering the fact we still have to go to Eastleigh and Hampton i’d say it does have that ‘air’ about it

  4. Oh, the delight of being commentate by Mr Ipstone.

    “I would imagine that AFC and its many supporters at Kingston’s ground will be happy with a 1-1 draw against Dorchester”

    Perhaps you would be happier with Kingstonians predicament should the ground still belong to the property speculator?

    Perhaps you should raise the funds and give the ground back to its legitimate owners, shouldn’t you?

    As far as the past 3 results, they still show a team who accumulated 3 points more than our closest rival over the past 17 matches without a defeat.

    Very good form, if you ask me. Or, if you ask many others, very poor for a self-proclaimed champion side.

    Either way, well played St Albans. Lucky of you to play us at a time when we are very tired. The snow storm ended up being a blessing in disguise for you.

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